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Making agriculture more sustainable with open-source software What are we trying to achieve through DSI4EU? What is (not) digital social innovation? What is (not) digital social innovation? Unlocking growth for digital social innovation: What would an index look like? Changing care through bits and atoms Learning how to tackle social challenges through digital social innovation Join us on our journey supporting DSI in cities Promoting an open and people-powered approach to health and care through DSI Is digital democracy any better than traditional democracy? Measuring, nudging and sharing: going green with new technologies Migrants cross national borders – DSI must do the same Migrants cross national borders – DSI must do the same Taking digital social innovation to the next level Your opportunity to influence European social innovation policy How to innovate? Prototype everything! Real digital innovation requires a paradigm shift Digital Social Innovation at the core of European Research and Innovation 30 ideas to reboot equality in Europe DSI in the city: the potential of third spaces DSI in the city: the potential of third spaces "Participatory democracy is the only way to build more open, just, equitable cities" Pro bono is dead, long live pro bono! Pro bono is dead, long live pro bono! What next for Digital Social Innovation? London, May 16th - 17th Making Sense: ‘relaxing in the radiation-free zone’ DSI Manifesto: Help to shape the future of DSI The ePaństwo Foundation: Supporting democracy and DSI in CEE DSI4EU at LIFT:Lab2017: The convergence of technology, innovation and society Amsterdam’s take on digital social innovation Changing education in Italy one makerspace at a time From local parks to federal government, CitizenLab is making participation easy Opening Up: Maximising open data’s impact What do you want from the platform? Fake News: What is it, and how can we tackle it? Visualising DSI: Support us to support you! Lesson learned from the DSI workshop in Copenhagen Lessons and inspiration from the story of Paris' Liberté Living-Lab Coming together as a community The DIY Maker Movement is being hijacked : The Fab Lab platform connecting a network of makers We caught up with the Cibervoluntarios Foundation! The betterplace lab, Germany, and the state of DSI How to work sustainably with smart citizens? Internet of things and social impact. Workshop at Casa Jasmina, the open source apartment Work with us - Data Visualisation ITT now live! Open Making for Social Impact. Join a DSI workshop in Copenhagen Guest blog: Creating digitally confident leaders in the social sector WorkerTech: Fighting for better work through technology 7 Digital Social Innovations for your Christmas Wish List! Supporting the maker community: Fablab Amsterdam The Social Value Exchange: How a new innovation is breathing life into the Social Value Act "Build democracy and it spreads like a virus": Interview with Nathan Schneider Social value in the collaborative economy: Bethnal Green Ventures Félicitations Madame Mayor! Fab City - Building Sustainable Cities through Local Production, Making and Collaborative Platforms FAB CITY - BUILDING SUSTAINABLE CITIES THROUGH LOCAL PRODUCTION, MAKING AND COLLABORATIVE PLATFORMS Digital Social Innovation in the European Parliament How Amsterdam is developing a collaborative economy that works for everyone Collaborative Platforms and City Challenges Making a distributed exhibition of digital social innovation projects at Maker Faire Rome 2016 Digital Social Innovation Fair 2017 Are you using technology for social good? There isn't always an app for that: How tech can better assist refugees Techfugees: How a young social enterprise is supporting the tech community’s effort to help refugees DSI hunt workshop at Maker Faire Rome Workshop: Shaping the Future of Digital Social Innovation in Europe The silver economy as a golden opportunity Better for less 5 digital tools helping transform the world for the better Tactical Technology and Digital Collaboration The Factory Everywhere: The present and future of distributed manufacturing Mobilearn – the digital platform supporting migrant integration Power to the people: how cities can use digital technology to engage and empower citizens Digital democracy - where to next? When is a crowd wise? Power to the people: new models for ownership and governance in a collaborative society From collaborative economy to collaborative society Crowdfunding: why charities, social entrepreneurs and community groups should get on board Size Matters? Policy Workshop Why you should care about blockchains Why you should care about blockchains In a rapidly changing world, we are all designers Digital Social Innovation, a relatively new concept Your opportunity to feed back to us! Final DSI event Five Tech Skill Initiatives For Your Kid(s) 5 Glocal DSI organizations you should know about


#germanforrefugees 3D Printing Academy @ShrimpingIt A bio-hackerspace for the Greater Lausanne Area A Community Guide for Seniors Online in Northern Ireland A Welsh Assembly Government consultation: Future Generations Bill via VocalEyes A4B MEET Lab AALIANCE2 abc Access Space AccessArt Distance Learning and Online Tutorial Active Democracies Additive manufacturing and reverse engineering ADIA Erding Advisory and Supervision Services for Young Entrepreneurs Advisory and Training Services within the Field of Social Entrepreneurship Afeefa Afsnit I - Innovation Competition and festival age research Agenda del Henares Agenda2030 Youth Action Marketplace AI@home Alice Alinker One Planet Crowd crowd funding campaign Alla Giornata Alle helfen jetzt Alles Klar Ambasada Krakowian Ambient Learning City Amsterdecks Android Hub Anerkennung in Deutschland Ankommen App Apio Appleseed Apps 4 Ghent Apps For Ghent IV Apps4Cities Apps4Europe Apps4Finland Apps4Warsaw ArcheoSITAR Project Arriving in Berlin Art Blast artist led projects Asili e benessere Asset AsylPlus Ateneus de Fabricacio AthenaPlus Atlas de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades Digitales AUTISM AID APP PROJECT AVO2 AyeMind Azul Caramelo B-LEARNING - CMS Virtual Classroom B. 2025 B2B sharing and collaboration Babele - create together Balu Barcelona Lab Bazaar BCNLab Beam BECCA, the Breast Cancer Care app Beehive Berlin hilft! BES Crowdfunding bespoken bettervest bike lab Bike Sharing Napoli BikeDistrict Bio FabLab BioHome BiPart Birmingham Music Archive Bitcoin of America Bitnation BKSTS young members group Blinfo Blockchan 2017 Bluemove Community BookwomHub botscamp Broadway Building a global, crowdsourced, open Internet of Things network Building a semantic, social & distributed web to facilitate organisation & collaboration of the transition's world Buildx Bunt&Verbindlich BurgerForum Cambio. Innovation Through Design caminahora CAMP (Communication and Media Production) CAP4Access Capsella Capsella CAPTOR Carticipe CASI Casserole Club CASTII, Centre Arts, Sciences, Technologies, Innovations et Inclusion catalyst Catalyst Sprint and Launchpad projects CATI - Computer Aided Trust Internet CATI, BrainScope, HeartScope, PhysioCord, Common Language Concept CatLabs Centralab, Central European Living Lab for territorial innovation ChainReact Chameleon Chance for Science Changers CO2 fit App Changing the World Charitree chercher classer comparer CHEST Community ChildRescue Cicero Cidadania 2.0 CITA - the Charity IT Association CITI-SENSE Citizen Science Citizens Pact Cittadini Reattivi (Re-active citizens) City Jam CITYREGIONS CitySDK CiutatBeta Civic Exchange CivicFlow Civil Legal Advice Operator Service clarat refugees Clarity Cleanap| Piazza Pulita Cleaning Day Cleanweb Co-creation Solutions Co-designing community. Inclusion by mobile. The seniors, the youngsters, the city Co-Working CO2 Account Code Door Code For Poland Code Week Cz CoderDojo Coliving + Coworking for changemakers Collaborative Data as an enabler for measurable social impact Collaborative urban food production & deliveries Collaction Collective Music Experiment collider Colombio Common Good First Commonfare Commons4EU COMMUNIA Communia Assosiation Communication App for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - iSignIT Communities of passion Community boost_r Community Currencies in Action Community21 comprarhostingco Comprendedor Comrades CONCORDnet Confidence CONFINE Connect neighbors and local organizations Connected Neigborhood Connecting volunteers with charities Conquistiamoci la luna Contre les coupures d'eau illegales Contributive technologies Contropedia Corporate Crowdfunding Correlyce COSMOS Creating Collective Creating ecosystem for crowdfunding creative projects Creating Purposeful Organisations Creating work opportunities Creative communications for the public sector and not-for-profit organizations CrisisNet Critical making summit cross media photography project CROSS project Crowd sourcing citizen ideas Crowd-sourcing Crowd4Roads Crowdculture Crowdfunding crowdfunding for films Crowdfunding Social Innovation Crowdfunding the Commons Crowdfunding the Future Crowdsourced futures Crowdsourced learning Crowdsourcing images for good Crowdsourcing legislation crowdversations CROWD_USG Culture innovation CultureCrowd, The Potential of Equity Crowdfunding for the Arts and Creative Industries CultureShift Russia: Art Lab Cybervolunteers / Cibervoluntarios D&CO D-CENT DaFür Daheim Das Saarland hilft Data co-operative Data Discovery Platform for Genomic Data Data Transparency Datademo DataGM - The Greater Manchester Datastore Date Guvernamentale Deschise (Open Government Data) Dave DecarboNet DECODE Deebase Deep Dialogue DEG-Where2 Degooglize Internet Delivering intelligence led early intervention for vulnerable young people Democratisation of Usability Design For Change Design for Europe Design for Social Innovation through Social Computing Design global, manufacture local Design op maat Design Tips That Every DBA Consultant Must Know Designers & Artists 4 Genomics Award Detail Data Developing a collaborative editing platform for information about companies' behaviour with respect to their society, environment Developing a collaborative platform for language learning Developing a mobile messaging tool for socially isolated people and organisations Developing A social network for E-Democracy Development of the "FreedomBox" personal server Devugees DIALOGUE Dialogue Cafe Amsterdam DIAVLOS: Creation and evaluation of a unified design methodology and development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for medium sized ISLAND cities Digidem Lab Digital Age Project Digital assignment Digital Augmentation of Cities Digital Communications Digital eBook in Sign Language Digital Enlightenment Forum (DEF) Digital Entrepreneurs Digital Ethnography Research Centre Europe Digital Global EU youth Digital Inclusion Digital inclusion ICT centres Digital Inclusion in Big Local areas Digital inclusion in social housing Digital Knowledge Networks Digital Magazine diffunding digital fabrications to communities in Spain and Latinamerica Digital Me Digital Refugee Labs Digital Skills Development for Young People Digital Social Innovation Digital storytelling Digital Storytelling for development Digital studies Digitale Helden Dignity Platform DisciplineXgames DISENO SOCIAL (Social Design) Disrupt journalism, knowledge distribution and societal networks. Dissertation Composition Distributed Social Network DIY Audio Electronics Do It Together Bio DOMO5 DonorSearch Draft - Collaborative workshop and eshop DSI-AU DSI4EU E-inclusion e-mentoring community e4c Earth Intelligence Network Eaupen ebook readers eCampaigning Forum Community ECLECTIS ecnomical Ecomap ecomumy - Helping to reduce CO2 emission cause by daily School Run cars Edinburgh Living Lab EdinburghApps EDIT EDP OPEN EDS EdTech App Reaches 28M UK Smart Phone Users Education EduKit Effective ways of Leveraging Hadoop Election Debate Visualisation (EDV) Electronic Music School from Bilbao ELF@Home EMPATIA Encouraging informal sharing of skills in community settings. Skills learnt and enhanced online & communicated to a wider community digitally. EndSVCHack Energizing Urban Ecosystems Environmental Social Network i-ambiente Epsi Platform eReuse Erfolgspaten ethicalBay Euro Social Core European Network of community reporters European Union social capital wiki European Youth Employment (eYe) Eventor EVERYAWARE Evidence Hub EVOMOBILE SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY LIVING-LAB Experimental coworking tools and net Express to Connect eZaintza: Solucion tecnologica movil de apoyo a los cuidadores y ayuda a personas con problemas de orientacion tempo-espacial para mejorar su autonomia Fab Lab Leon Fab Lab Limerick Fab Lab London Fab Lab Madrid Network Fab the Library! Fabbricalo FabLab Danmark FabLab development FabLab LCV SUPSI FabLab Nerve Centre Fablab Palermo Fablab Samain FabLab.iMAL FabLab@SCHOOL DK FabSchool Factmata Fair BNB Fairphone Feelif Feid FI-Content 2 Field Trip Fiesta Privada Barcelona Find and support creative projects Fire First Contact First Life Fix the web Fixers FLOW Flüchtlinge Willkommen FlüchtlingsApp Witten Flüchtlingsrat focus on grass-roots communities Food Waste FoodExposed FOODIE ForestGeek-in-Residence FormArea Campus Forum InnovAfrica FreeTimePays Communities of influence Freifunk Freiland Labor From relief to sustainability FryskLab Elements FryskLab LOD Knowledge Base Funded European work exchange programme Fusebox Brighton Futur of Food Future Fabulators FutureEverything Festival FuturICT G4 Gamification and Open Badges Gasitorii geometrydashco GeoSmartCity GeoVation Get-set GetAcross GiveNow Giving Opportunity Global Junior Challenge Globalbility GNUnion Good HQ GovFaces Platform GoVolunteer govroam Grans Makers Grass Roots Responsible Innovation Grassroots Communities as Social Innovators Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme greenApes Platform for Engaging Citizen in Sustainable Living Guidely gutter Hack days hackAIR Hackair Hackity App Hampshire Linked Data Hand in Hand Handbook Germany Hashpoint Healthcare solutions for the elderly using participatory design healthy eating HEI! - encrypted communication app for youth and public sector Helfer-Atlas HELP Text helperchain HelpHelp2 Helping grassroots organisations access funding, skilled volunteering and practical training and learning through digital tools and innovation. Local solutions to global problems. Helping people to plan and take control of their care and support services Helplinge HelpTo HELPU Hemmerling Online Directory Herbert HereWeGo Hi-Storia Labs Hide & Seek HiMate HIRE Hoaxmap HOMER Housing and Public Space How Ecommerce CRM Software Can Boost Your Store’s Growth How Ecommerce CRM Software Can Boost Your Store’s Growth hr_integrate Hub Vilnius coworking HullCoin Hyperlocal citizen participation and transparency I Wheel Share I-LINC IBIP Lab: Iberian Institute in Psycho-Sciences Lab - Research and Innovation Centre iCare4Fyrbodal Ich helfe iconary icount4eu ICT and e-participation research Ideas Accelerator Ideas on Designing Facebook Chatbots iHUB Candidate Ik Ben Zoho IKT.NRW Illa3horts ImHealth impact analysis Impact Hub King's Cross Impact Hub Milan Impact Hub Siracusa Impact Hub Westminster Impact Hub Zurich Importance and Need of Using a Conveyancer's Service IMPRESORES 3D A L'ABAST DE TOTS Improve My City Improving Health via Increased Adoption of Wearable Technology In tech we trust: how to develop tech with young people Inclusight - better days in teaching and learning Incubation and acceleration of social business start-ups Incubator and accelerator online InfoCompass Berlin Infolab Infometer Information sur l'accessiblité de l'immobilier public Informed Choice - ic! InfoTrafford Ingenierie collaborative Initiative for Civic Economics Portugal InLife Innomatnet innonatives innonatives challenges Innotech Summit INNOVACIÓN SOCIAL DIGITAL Innovacion Social en el sector turistico INNOVAGE (INTERREG IV C, grant agreement: 1282R4 INN.O.V.Age) Innovation by all Innovation Development and Training Innovation in Creative Industries Innovation Shared Centres Innovationskraftwerk Insight Score inspira-t - What would happen if 1.000.000 unemployed young people found their inspiration? INSPIRE Project Integreat-App inter Regional MEDIA cluster Internet of Things Madrid meetup Internet of Things Zurich Meetup Interpreteer Inventorium Investment and support for social technology start-ups INVISIBLES iot & build environment conference ipso e care iRemploy IWA (Intergenerational Wisdom Academy) IZA World of Labor Jackalope JamesJhon Job Serch Program JOIN Join In Kangertech Mini Protank 3 KiiCS Kiron Open Higher Education KM FEST - Global Collaboration Platform knowledge organisation community Konfetti4Change La Nuit du Code Citoyen La Paillasse Network Lab Notes Laborlab LabourStart News LAGeSoNUM Lale Lámpagyár/ LightFactory. Volunteer Match-Making Le Bonheur Brut Collectif Le Cicogne Learning to code Learning2.0gether Leben in Deutschland LENS Living Lab's Open research and innovation program "Smart Machines & Systems" Library Living Lab Lift14 lin LinkedAge Lion LION IT Liquid Feedback Live Stream dedicated to the cultural community Living Buddy Lobbying for the European public interest Local Movers Localize app to the Dutch market that prevents low literacy Lokalizo and Voices of Youth Maps London Fusion Lords of the Blog Luisteren naar Amsterdam Zuid lumber Lust auf Zukunft Made Open Mahallae Make A Plea Make Things Do Stuff MakerConvent Makers Guild Makerspace and Fablab Makespace Madrid Makestorming Making a positive social impact encouraging Manchetster residents to use digital tools Making Custard Making Sense Maltego Manabalss Map of urban communities MappiNa Alternative Map of Cities Mar de Fulles Off- grid Photovoltaics funded by the people Mashauri MASTERINSTA Matinale Digitale MAZI Measuring Impact Measuring Social Impact of large-scale events Medhance Media Monitoring Media Watch on Climate Change Medialab Session MedKnowledge Hub MedKnowledge Hub Meetups, Workshops, City Walkshops meSch MesInfos Metacollect Metro4All Microcontrollers and open source community MIES - Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Map MigrantHire Mijnbuur Mind Of My Own Mind Waves Community Media Project mindhoven platform Minecraft - How to Get a Free Minecraft Account Ministry of Data Ministry of Data MK Smartboy MK Smartboy mobile billboard advertising in Bangalore Moin MONROE mooremt Mr Insta MSF Blogs MultipliCities Mummola Museo dell'Informatica Funzionante Museomix community MuseomixUK Musine Kit My Blogs My City Myknowhub Naked Approach Nappi Naapuri - Nifty Neighbour Nationaal Congres Open Data National Social Innovation Proposals - NSIP ncdlinks Neighbourhood Ideas Exchange Neighbourhood Planner Neighbours helping each other Nerds4refugees NESI Forum netCommons netivist news for refugees NEXTLEAP ngo database Nomad of the Seas Nouvelle Fabrique NPO_IT Numbers That Matter ODI Belfast Oi Polloi - ( ) ongimedia Online access to healthcare Online art magazine Online Education Online Education Merge Online forum for youth mental health Online game for crowdsourcing malaria diagnosis. Online mentoring forum Online patient network and medical research platform Open Access Making Open Bank Project Open Bidouille Camp Open Care Open commerce Open Cultuur Data Open Data Barometer Open Data Erasmus Open Data Kosovo Open Data Monitor Open Data Sheffield Open Democracy Open Design & Maker Publics Open Droplet Open Food Facts database of food products in open data Open Food Network UK Open Garden Open government Open innovation platform Open Integrity Index Open laboratory Hack For Future Open Oil Corporate Navigator Open Onderwijs Data Open Source 3D creation Open Source Beehives Open Source Electronic Democracy Open Source Ridesharing OPEN4CITIZENS Open4Citizens OpenAlps OpenBike opencare Opendata Trentino OpenDataCommunities Opening Opportunities Opening The Umbrella OpenLocal OpenStreetMap OpenTransportNet - Spatially Referenced Data Hubs for Innovation in the Transport Sector Optimizing human and material resources in cities organising international seminars, workshops and study visits OSCAR (FabToyCar) OuiShare Fest Paris OuiShare Magazine Our Digital Community Our MK OVACEN P2P Carsharing P2P carsharing Parlameter Parlement et Citoyens Parlemint Participatory Budgeting process Patients like me PEER - Dare to be wise! PEER Dare to be wise Peer to peer learning, Skillsharing Peer-2-Peer platform for small errands People Can Make a Difference Peopleriver Perfect CV Permanent Future Lab - Utrecht Petitions, Campaign and citizen Mobilizasition Piazza PickParking Pioneering the use of digital methods in human rights and asylum research PIPES Piqniq app PIXEL HUMAIN Place4refugees Place4refugees Planet Education Planet Education Policy making for social innovation Por un uso social y comunitario de la tecnologia Portinnova PositiveSocialImpact Possunt -a social platform for stories that matter to us Post doc Post-car(d) Urbanism POWER: A social response to global water issues PPL Crowdfunding Portugal Precious Plastic presentsideas Pride Of Place - A digital mapping project PROFIT PROFIT Program for Societal Innovation and Change Project Maths - Free Online Courses project prova Project Provenance Project Reconnect Project Stentor: smart city dashboard for neighbourhoods Project99 Promote Social Innovation Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability (PROFIT) Promoting qualitative projects from Sharing Economy Promoting UK startup communities prova2 PTwist Public Realm design Quality123 RAGE Raise Your Maker Random Acts of Kindness Rank Feed Reach ReDI: School of Digital Integration ref.connect Refoodgee Refuchat Refugee App Refugee Board Refugee Compass Refugee Favorz Refugee First Response Center (RFRC) Refugee Futures Initiative Refugee Guide Refugee Livelihoods via anywhere-anytime translation Refugee Phrasebook Refugees Emancipation Refugees on Rails Refugees Online refugees Telekom Refugees Welcome Information Refugees Welcome Map RefugeesHome Refugermany RefuShe Regeneration programme Remix Coworking Remix The Commons Remote DBA RICHES Rinascimenti Sociali Ring-Ring RisorgiMenti.Lab ROBO&BOBO Robot for cells box Robot-Era RoboTeb Robotique ludique Roland Forum, a platform for positive information and education Rotterdam Open Data rSmart SafetyNets SANTA CASA CHALLENGE SAP-Projekt (nicht gelauncht) SavingFood SavingFood 2,0 SaysUs - Create a site for whistle blowers, raters, and reviewers SCALE for open innovation Scalla Schnell Helfen SciCafe2.0 SDI4Apps - Uptake of open geographic information through innovative services based on linked data Sea Hero Quest Seamless Cities App Camp Sector 3 Directory Seed selling a business Selling ethical fashion from small companies SEN2SOC Serlo - collaboration and open education SH21 Shadow Fight 3 Hack SHARE Defense Share N Save SHARECITY Sharevoisins sharing things with your neighbours Sheffield Community Network SIGCHI's Iran chapter: empowering local HCI to create a better shared sociotechnical future SINGA Deutschland SkilledIt App Smart Campus Smart Citizen Kit Smart Citizen Kit Amsterdam Smart Journey Smart Social Management Smart Specialisation Project in Middle Blacksea Development Agency Turkey Smart Start Social Entrepreneurship for Civil Society Smart Volta SmartOpenData SmartUJI Snapfon SO Lunch social business design Social Cities Social Desing Social Entrepreneur Formation Social Farming Social Impact, Innovation & Investment Social innovation Social Innovation and digital community curation Social Innovation Community Social Innovation Factory Social Innovation in Housing Social Innovation Incubation Award Social innovation labs in a rural area Social Innovation Make a positive social impact Social Innovation Program Social innovation research Social Innovation Tv Social Innovation Week Social media for social good gatherings Social Networking place for people helping people to move from one EU country to another for work Social Powermeetings Social Seducement Social to Crowd Social Value Exchange Social venture incubator Crowdlending Platform Socientize Societal Street Surveys Program SOCRATIC SOCRATIC SODA-Social Open Data Solutio SONET-Bull SONETOR Spatial Hub Speakfree SPECIFI Sport Living Lab Lisboa - VIDELLL sTandTall STARS4ALL Start with a Friend STARTINGTIME StartupBoat Steve Loeffler STIM Story Strategic Partnership Programme Strengthening democracy Student Digital Social Innovation Project Student Pulse Stuff Superhub Supporing and promoting transition to a commons based society. Support And Help Supporting and Funding Digital Social Innovation in the Northern Ireland Third Sector supporting innovative social innovation through digital and creative technologies Supporting transition towards an ecologic, healthy, participatory, social equitable, social entrepreneurial city, Antwerp. Supports SMEs on Innovation and Intellectual Property issues Suupohja Living Lab SwapItNI SwellRT Symba IDF Systemic Research Talent Garden CoWorking taller de negocios Taqanu Tatenkrake TaxiTastic Teach First Alumni Community Tech for Good NI Working Group TechDRC Technology for Social Development technologysupportbyofficetek TekSlate Teletest: Desarrollo de un dispositivo de analisis telematico para biomarcadores de salud TEN - The European Network Tevere the acceleration agenda knowledge about social entrepreneurship in higher and academic education The Centre - Edelman Brussels forum for Public Engagement The Civic Crowd The Environment Now The Food Assembly The Forgotten Box The Genuine Lishi Training Academy The Ground_Up Project The Hackable City The International Ridesharing Day The Internet of Communities The largest open database of companies in the world The Malta Challenge the medical search The Sponge Media Lab The Traffic Agent The UK's Village Noticeboard The Well-being Cloud The Wikirate Project The world's platform for politics Think Commons This is Fake Thoughtful Thymio education robot Time bank app Timebank Amsterdam TIMU _ community STORYTELLING platform Tiree Tech Wave ToSetOut Trace the Face TransforMap - mapping alternative economies & social innovation Transformify TransparenCEE TRILLION - TRusted, CI zen - LEA coILaboratIon over sOcial Networks TTech Tunisie Bondy Blog, a journalism school by the citizen Tweetlocal UK online centres network UMI-Sci-Ed Unblocked Games Uncertainty in new city planning Universal Design of ICT Universal University free education for everyone using crowdsourcing and crowdfunding UNIVERSIDAD-VIRTUAL University-Community Links Unlike Us, network for alternatives in social media Unlimited Cities DIY Unreasonable Labs Turkey UP Campus Urban Entrepreneurs: smarten your city! URIDU Usemp User Experience Consultant UTHA Verona FabLab School VETLICAT VICHI EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM vicini di casa (Neighbours) VilaWatt virtual accelerator Virtual.Almere VOICE - Virtual Open Incubation Ecosystem Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise Review Volunteer Passport Volunteer Planner Voucher codes voXup VÅGA digital platform W.o.W. Women on work WAGL Wagn Wallbeds WALLSPOT Wallspot Wasted Lab Water Hackers WEAVE - ZigZag Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation (Web-COSI) web presence research Web-COSI - Web COmmunities for Statistics for Social Innovation Webliteracy NL WeConnect Wefugees Welcome App Welcome Dinner Berlin Welcome to NRW (Germany Says Welcome) welcome2work Welcomeride WeQuest What is Kodi What to do first when you start SEO of a website WhatsGerman Willkommensatlas Willkommensnetz Wohindamit Women Shift Digital Work For Refugees Workeer xaxasx XIAOMI HUAMI AMAZFIT Yahora Yalla Deutschland Ye! BoostCamp Turkey YouRock.Jobs YouSense Zachvang ZenWeShare Zooniverse Zusammen für Flüchtlinge


"Experimentarium1502 MPEI" (Fab Lab) (Fab)Lab Digiscope /dev/tal e.V. 1 Million 1 Love 1535°C FabLab 200hrsyogattc 350BCN 3D-DRUCKZENTRUM-RUHR 3DBell FabLab 450 4D3 - Quattroditre 54Degrees 5th Dimension 65Hours 8 FabLab Drôme 8 Fablab Drome 8eurekatrip @ShrimpingIt Aalto Fablab Aalto University ABA Fablab Aberdeen City Council Access Info Europe Access Space Network AccessArt Accredited Online Colleges AckLab - ateliers d'innovation architecturale - architectural innovation studio ACoLab Adeo adf Advance technologies Hungary Advice NI Aeon Biosystems Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken Afsnit I Age UK Cheshire AGH-University of Science and Technology Agility Innovation AGORA Collective Aguas de Alicante Ahref Foundation AIOTI Albilab Alcaldia de Yopal Alfamicro Algarve FabFarm Alice All Star Displays Alla Giornata Allard Pierson Museum Alliance Sciences Societe Alma Natura Almere Smart Society Alphabetville Alveolus AMAIDI International gGmbH Ambasada Krakowian AmbITion Scotland Amigus Lab Amsterdam Creative Industries Amsterdam Public Library Amsterdam Smart City Anatomy Training Investigation Antibes NavLab Apio s.r.l. Apolitical Appleseed Applied Logic Laboratory Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund) Apps For Ghent Apps for Good Architecture in Development Arduino Aristotle University, Informatics Department, OSWINDS Research Group ARS ACADEMY RESEARCH Ars Industrialis Art3fact lab Artilect FabLab Toulouse Arts Technology Research Lab Artshare ArtStreamingTV Ashton Centre Asoc. Kyopol - Ciudad Simbiotica Asociacion Descubre la Electronica Orientada a Objetos Asociacion Makespace Madrid Asociatia Techsoup Asplan Viak Internet AS Assemblee Virtuelle Associacao para a Economia Civica Portugal Association Concert-Urbain Association Dedale Association Mobsya Association of Finnish eLearning Centre -Suomen eOppimiskeskus ry Association Pobot Associazione ANITI - Impresa Sociale Associazione Verona FabLab Asylos At3flo Atelier des Beaux Boulons Atelier Numérique Romorantin Atelier Pobot Athens Information Technology (AIT) Attendal - Attendal - Creative Business Innovation Audiences NI AUEB Australia 3.0 Austrian institute of technology Autonomous University of Barcelona AV-Lab Avenir 84 Ayuntamiento de Elche azahar igualdad Babele Baffle Djs Barcelona City Council Barcelona City Hall Barcelona Lab Barcelona Media Barclays Eagle Lab Cambridge Barclays Eagle Labs Bournemouth Barclays Eagle Labs Brighton Barka UK Barnardo's Bartsch Law Firm Basque fab Lab ( power by Denokinn) Bastl Instruments BBRC SAS Be Good Be Social BE-COME Beamrz BEC Fab Lab Belfast Metropolitan College BerryLab36 Bethnal Green Ventures Better With Data Society betterplace lab bettervest BeWelcome Bibblio BiblioLab Lelystad BIDAR Big Bang Lab Big Click BikeDistrict Bilbao Fab Lab - Espacio Open Bilende Bio-Fab BioCare Provider BioCity EcoSystem Birmingham Fab Lab Birmingham Music Archive Birmingham Updates BIS Bit Lab BKSTS Blackwood Foundation Blackwood Homes & Care Blah Blast Theory Blender Foundation Blistering Bloom... crowdfunding the future Bluefrozen unipesoal lda Bluemove body>data>space Boilerhouse Media Bourges Lab Brazil Break Dengue Breast Cancer Care Breathing Games Breezie Brescia Fablab Bretagne Creative BrightLemon Bromford BU Wuppertal BUDA::lab Building Change Trust Buinho Fablab BulliesOut Bureau Europeen des Unions de Consommateurs C M Solutions CabFabLab Call For Team CAMBIO The People Agency CampusFab Université Toulouse 3 - Toulouse - Midi-Pyrénées - France Cap Sciences FabLab CAPFERF Cardiff University carlombas Carrefour Numérique² Casal de Gent Gran Comerc CASPUR - CINECA Casserole Club CAST Cáceres Smart Open Lab CCCBLab CCMaule CDI Cefriel Center for Democratic Transition Center for Rapid Innovation / Werkstaette Wattens Center for Research and Development Orange Polska Center For Social Innovation Central Denmark Region Centre for Advanced Software Technolgy Centre for European Progression Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies (CELSTEC), Open Universiteit Nederland, Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester Metropolitan University Centre for Research and Technology Hellas Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) Centre for Social Innovation / Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation GmbH Centrum Cyfrowe CERHEC Centre d'etudes et de recherche en histoire et esthetique du cinema Changers Chantier Libre Chaos Computer Club chariteam Charity MOT Chayn CIANT - Mezinarodni centrum pro umeni a nove technologie Cicero cidecot Cinematheque francaise Cinnovate Center CIRASTI CircularSociety AG Cisco Systems CISE Citilab Citizen Can Citizen Hive Citizen Inventor CitizenLab Citizens Foundation Citizens Online Cittadini Reattivi City of Amsterdam City of Bradford Neighbourhood Engagement & Active Citizens Group City of Edinburgh Council City of Eindhoven City of Rijeka City of the Future Living Lab City of Vienna Civic Development Institute (CDI) Civic Lab Barcelona Civiciti Civocracy Cleanap Cleanweb UK Closing the Loop CMC2 Community Interest Company CMIT "Academy" CMIT "Druzhba" CMIT "Model Spectr" cmit "Vertikalnyj vzlet" CNR Co-Innovation Institute Co-Lingua Code for All Code Your Future CoderDojo Foundation CodeTheCity COEX Coexisthance Colaboratorio Colombio Comar Combine Innovation GmbH Common Futures Commune de Forest Communia Assosiation Community Action: MK Community Forge Community Foundation for Calderdale Community Media Association Computer Vision Centre Connected Digital Economy Catapult Conseil Consultatif Regional des Personnes Accueillies Conseil regional PACA - Direction des lycees Consorzio Tiberina Consultain engineering e.U - RADDSIICT Contemporary Lynx Ltd Coolmeia cooperatief fablab013 u.a. Coordination Eau Ile de France Copenhagen Fablab Copenhagen Living Lab Copenhagen Living Lab Coperfield for Social Good CoRe - Consumer Revolution coSfera::coworking en Cordoba Coventry University Créalab CREATE-IT applied research Create-net Creaticity FabLab Creating 010 Creating Collective Creative Commons Creative Commons Finland Creative Lab Creative Point Creatr Point - Lecco Crowdculture CrowdMission Crowdpolicy Cruinn Associates Crunchlab CSI-Piemonte cssm CTIC Foundation CTP Cube Digital CUBIT Scarl Culture Republic CultureCrowd Ltd Cultuurconnect Custard Machine Cybervolunteers Foundation CYPRUS Department of Public Works Cyprus Ministry of Communications & Works D&co D'Clic Lab D.RE.A.M. FabLab Dabagi DAD-workshop dailymotion DAISSy Research Group Danes je nov dan Danish Technological Institute Dark Spots Data Campfire DATA MANAGER Dataproces datawix DCLG De Heer Projecten DEAR Onlus Deck Social Dedale deeliva Deistvui FabLab DEL_Fablab Democracy Club Democratie Ouverte Democratie.Nu Democratise DEMOS Gesellschaft fur E-Partizipation mbH Demos Helsinki DenLilleTjeneste Department of Planning & Environment Desfile Design Design for Social Change Designthinkers Group Deusto FabLab DeustoTech-Life Devana Labs DEZENTRALE DE|RE|SA (Design Research Salzburg), Salzburg University of Applied Sciences DfE Dialogic DIAS Creative Diesis Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland Digital Circle Digital Cultures Research Centre, Uni of the West of England, Bristol Digital Enacting S.L. Digital Enlightenment Forum Digital ExPRESSion Digital Shoreditch Digital World Research Centre, University of Surrey Digitale Helden gemeinnutzige GmbH Dimeco Media Services CIC Dimmons Dingfabrik Koeln e.V. DiploHack Diputacio de Barcelona DisciplineXgames Diseno Social DISI - University of Trento DIVAcontemporary Djump DNADigest DoES Liverpool Dolfn Dolomiti Concept Lab DonorSearch DotEveryone Dotopen Downstreams Draft DRAMBLYS: Social Creativity Lab DrDoctor Drop In Eures e - PRO group a. s. e DESIS Lab e-Government Center of Moldova E-Institute EAI - European Alliance for Innovation Earth Intelligence Network (501c3) East Cleveland Online Eaupen ECEmakers Echo Eco FabLab MDesign eco-fab-lab Ecobytes ECODESIGN FAB LAB Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ecomumy econcept ecosense Ecosia GmbH ecotastic ECrowd! eCTRL Solutions Edelman Brussels Edenway Edgeryders EDP SCIENCES Educaires Eigg Box ekovizija El Teb eLabEurope Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Elva Community Engagement Empirica empirica Gesellschaft fur Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH EmpowerHack En+: Comunicacion y Diseno Social para ONGs Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. ENoLL - European Network of Living Labs eNovation4D Ltd ENREDA ENSAV Envolve BV ePa?stwo Foundation EPN Fablab Lourmarin Equipo Cafeina ERASME eReuse erfindergarden Munich ERGOLAB Ergonomics Esade ESCP Europe ESKILARA, S.KOOP.TXIKIA eSolidar Espace Art Sadika Espacio Lúdico ESSRG ESSRG Ltd. Esya Kutuphanesi ethicalBay Limited eu4c Euan's Guide Euclid Network Eurecat EURICCA Europa Nova Social R&D Europe for change European Alternatives European Centre for Women and Technology - ECWT European Crowdfunding Network European Housing Network European Institute for Participatory Media European Schoolnet European University Institute Eventor HUB EveryOne. EZ-START Fab Lab "Club for Young Technicians" Fab Lab Aachen at RWTH Aachen University Fab Lab Airedale Fab Lab Ajaccio Fab Lab Akranes, Innovation Center Iceland Fab Lab Akureyri Fab Lab Alicante Fab Lab Athens Fab Lab Austurland Fab Lab Barcelona Fab Lab Bassano Fab Lab BCN Fab Lab Belgorod Fab Lab Belgrade Fab Lab Bergamo Fab Lab Berlin Fab Lab Cagliari Fab Lab Cardiff Fab Lab Cascina Fab Lab Castelfranco Veneto Fab Lab CEU FAB LAB Château Thierry Fab Lab Cordoba Fab Lab Corti Fab Lab CUBACT Fab Lab du 127° Fab Lab Ellesmere Port Fab Lab Extremadura Fab Lab Fabulous St. Pauli Fab Lab Frosinone - Officine Giardino Fab Lab Guarda Fab Lab Hornafjordur Fab Lab IED Madrid Fab Lab Ioannina Fab Lab La Casemate FAB LAB Laboratorio de Artesanía Digital Fab Lab Leon Fab Lab Liepaja Fab Lab Limerick Fab Lab Liverpool Fab Lab Lleida Fab Lab London Fab Lab Maastricht Fab Lab Makers Modena Fab Lab Manchester Fab Lab Mobile Fab Lab Moscow Fab Lab Northampton Fab Lab Nu Fab Lab Nurnberg Fab Lab Olbia Fab Lab Oulu Fab Lab Pavia FAB LAB PEDAGO Fab Lab Pembrokeshire Fab Lab Petnica Fab Lab Plymouth Fab Lab Polytech Fab Lab Provence Fab Lab Reggio Emilia Fab Lab Region Nürnberg e.V. Fab Lab Reykjavík Fab Lab Salerno Fab Lab Sandwell Fab Lab Sant Cugat Fab Lab Sassari Fab Lab Sevilla / Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura Universidad de Sevilla Fab Lab Siegen Fab Lab Spinderihallerne Fab Lab Sud31-Val d'Ariège Fab Lab Sulbiate Fab Lab Sunderland Fab Lab Talavera Fab Lab Technopark ITMO University Fab Lab Tenerife Fab Lab Terni Fab Lab Terre di Castelli Fab Lab Toscana - Firenze Fab Lab Toscana Cascina Fab Lab Toscana Siena Fab LAB Trojmiasto Fab Lab TSU FAB LAB UE Fab Lab Valletta Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar Iceland Fab Lab Zaragoza Fab.Lab Alto Minho FAB.LAB INNOVA FVG FaberLab Varese FabFarm Fabinka FabLab 276 Val-de-Reuil FabLab Academy of Art Fablab Agrigento FabLab AISI FabLab Akhali Talga Fablab Aldeias do Xisto FabLab Alessandria FabLab Allgäu FabLab Amersfoort Fablab Amsterdam Fablab Angar Krasnoyarsk FABLAB ARDUINER FabLAB Arloesi Pontio Innovation FabLab Arnhem Fablab Arras FabLAB Arts et Métiers Liancourt fabLAB Asturias FabLab ATSU Fablab ÉvoraTech FabLab Belfast, Ashton Centre FabLab Bergen op Zoom FabLab Bern FabLab Biella FabLab Bielsko-Biala FabLab Bionica FabLab Black Sea FabLab Brainport Fablab Bratislava at Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (SCSTI) FabLab Breda FabLab Bremen FABLAB Brindisi Fablab Bristol - Saint Gobain FabLab Brno Fablab Brussels FabLab BSU FabLab Bucharest FabLab Budapest FabLab by Mines Douai FabLab caen FabLab Cagliari Fablab Caldas da Rainha FabLab Cardiff FabLab Castelo Branco Fablab Catania FabLab CHAMPAGNOLE FabLab Chemnitz FabLab CNH2 Fablab Coh@bit IUT Bordeaux FabLab Coimbra FabLab Contea FabLab Cottbus FabLab Coventry FabLab Cuneo FabLab Danmark Fablab de Bellevue Fablab de Nijverheid Fablab Descartes FabLab Dresden Fablab Dronten FabLab du CESI Rouen FabLab du Morvan Fablab EDP FabLab EMISI Fablab Erpe-Mere FabLab ERQVANI FabLab Essex Fablab EvoraTech FabLab Faenza FabLab Firenze Fablab Fribourg Freiburg FabLab Fribourg-Freiburg FabLab Genk FabLab GLDANI FabLab Goes FabLab Graz FabLab Groene Hart FabLab Groningen FabLab GTU FabLab IBERIA FABLAB ILIAUNI fablab iMAL Fablab Imola FabLab Imperia FabLab Impresa Belluno - Fa'BLhub Concept FabLab Ingolstadt FabLab Innovation FabLab INSA Strasbourg FabLab IPB FabLab Isafjordur Fablab Istanbul Fablab Ivrea FabLab Kamp-Lintfort FabLab Karlsruhe FabLab Kaunas fablab Kelle FabriK FabLab Kielce FabLab la Côte FabLab LAKADA Fablab Lannion - KerNEL FabLab Laterza Fablab Lazio - Bracciano Fablab Lazio - Viterbo FabLab Lazio Roma FabLab Lecce Fablab Leoben FabLab Lille FabLab Lisboa FabLab Luxembourg | Technoport FabLab Luzern FabLab Madrid CEU FabLab Madrid Medialab-Prado FabLab Magdeburg FabLab Makerspace Rheinfelden FABLAB Manorhamilton FabLab Málaga FabLab München FabLab Münster FABLAB MERMISI FabLab Messina FabLab Mitmach-Werkstatt e.V. FabLab Modena FabLab MODUSI Fablab Moebius FabLab Munchen e.V. FabLab Napoli FabLab NüLand FabLab Neckar-Alb FabLab Nerve Centre FabLab Net-IKi FabLab Neuchatel FabLab Neuchâtel FabLab Neuenstadt fablab noord-brabant Fablab Nordvest Fablab Norilsk FabLab North Greenwich FabLab NTNU Fablab NU FabLab Odemis FabLab OPIZARI FabLab Orléanais FabLab Paderborn e.V. FabLab Padova Fablab Palermo FabLab Pau Fablab Penela Fablab Pesaro FabLab PHAZISI Fablab Pisa FabLab Pistoia - PtLUG lab Fablab Regensburg FabLab Region Rothenburg o.d.T. e.V. FabLab Rendsburg FABLAB Rieti FabLab Robert-Houdin FabLab Roma - InnovationGym Fablab Roma Makers Fablab Roma SPQwoRk Fablab Rostov FabLab RUC FabLab Rzeszów FabLab Santander FabLab Santarém FABLAB Sardegna Ricerche FabLab Saudarkrokur, Innovation Center Iceland FabLab Settimo FabLab SFedU FabLab Sibillini FabLab Southern Federal FabLab SPECTRI FabLab Spinderihallerne FabLab SUPSI Lugano FabLab SWSU FABLAB TECHPARK FABLAB TECHPARK ZUGDIDI FabLab Terrassa FabLab Tetnuldi Fablab TI fablab tigullio FabLab Toledo Fablab Torino FabLab Treviso FabLab Truck FabLab TSU fablab Ugent FABLAB UGNTU FabLab ULB FabLab ULL FabLab Underes Ätzisloo FABLAB Uniss - Università di Sassari Fablab Ural v2.0 FabLab UTCompiègne FabLab Valencia FabLab Valsamoggia Fablab Varese FabLab VdA Fablab Vector Fablab Venezia FabLab Ventura FabLab Vicenza FabLab Vigo FabLab Vittorio Veneto FabLab Vologda FabLab Vosges Fablab Web-5 FabLab Winti FabLab Xnergic FabLab Zagreb FabLab Zürich FabLab Zeeland FabLab Zugdidi FabLab Łódź fablab'ke FabLab+ FabLab+ (Antwerpen) FabLab-Bayreuth FABLAB-CHENE20 FabLab-Lübeck Fablab-Leuven Fablab013 XL FabLab@BCA Fablab@Ironbridge FabLab@school - Palermo Fablab@school Palermo fablab@strathclyde FabLab@TUHH Fablabaro FabLabDevon (Exeter) fablabDONOSTIA FabLabGenova FABLABJULLY fablabljubljana FabLabMilano - Fare le Idee FabLabNU FabLabPoloNET FabLaBrindisi FabLabSibay FablabSU FabLabUM FabLabUPM FabNLab de Clamecy Fabric'INSA Fabricator Fabrik'numerique Fabrique d'Objets Libres Fabriques Alternatives Fabryka Pasji FABULIS FacLab Factor-X Factory Youth Zone Faculdade de Motricidade Humana - ULisboa Fair Play Alliance Fairphone FairSay Falling Walls Foundation Farm2me Farset Labs FAU FabLab Feelif d.o.o. Fellesverkstedet Festivalists FIGHTTHESTROKE Fing Fixers FIXME Hackerspace Flora Flyboy Ventures FoAM Foleshill Women's Centre Folk Labs Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion 93 Fondazione Bruno Kessler Fondazione Cariplo Fondazione Giannino Bassetti Fondazione Mondo Digitale Fonkeling FoodExposed FoodTrade FormArea Forum d'Action Modernites Forum Virium Helsinki Fossbox CIC Fram3 Framasoft Frankenstein Garage Frankfurt Gestalten Fraunhofer FOKUS Fraunhofer-Institut for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems Freedom of Information Foundation Freifunk Augsburg FRENCHMAKERS FryskLab Fucine Vulcano Full Circle Arts Fundació Ave Maria Fundació Ciutat de Viladecans Fundacio Fundacio i2CAT FUNDACIÓ MARIANAO Fundacion Cibervoluntarios Fundacion Ciudadana Civio Fundacion Civiliter Fundacion de Ayuda por Internet (FUNDAPI) Fundacion Ibercivis Fundacion INTRAS Fundacion Maimona Fundacion Mi Ciudad Derechos Fundacion tMA FUNDECYT-PCTEX Fundsurfer FunLab Tours Funlab Zürich Future Cities Catapult FutureEverything FutureGov Futurescaper FuvLab G.M EuroCy Innovations Ltd G4 GAIA GarageLab Düsseldorf Gavurin Gemeente Amsterdam, stadsdeel Oost Geometry Dash Geotec group GeoVation Get Active - for a Sustainable Planet getFarmer Ghent Living Lab GISIG GitHub Give What You're Good At Giving Opportunity Glasgow Sculpture Studios Global Compassion Global e-Society Complex Global Education Movement Global InDevices Global sustain Globalbility GlobalGiving UK Go Digit All gogive Goldorhack Goldsmiths College Goteo Governance International Government To You GovFaces Grad Rijeka Grands ensemble GraouLab Grass Commons Green Energy Options (GEO) Green Fab Lab Green Tales Green well greenApes Groupe SOS groupedin Grub Club GTU H-Lab Nonprofit Ltd. Habibi.Works Hack For Future HACKABILITY Hackerspace Lublin Hackity HackLab Terni Hackspace Catania Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art Hackuarium Hamaspyur Foundation HAMMERLAND Workshop Hampshire County Council Hand.Werk.Stadt - FabLab Hannover Medical School, P.L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics Hansard Society Happy City Happylab Berlin Happylab Salzburg Happylab Vienna Hart Op Straat Havering College 3D Design Craft BA Heart's Music For Peace HELPFUL Helsinki Urban Art Hemmerling Herefordshire FabLab HereWeGo Herne Hill Forum HET LAB Rotterdam Hi-Storia Homeless SMS Hoop Housing Europe Hoxton Hall Hradec Kralove HRW FabLab HSE LAB HTW Chur HUMAN Network INDIA Human Services Humana Humania HumanityOnline HumanityX Humanlab Hyntegra3D I Wheel Share i-genius I3D IA4SI IBIP Lab: Iberian Institute in Psycho-Sciences Lab - Research and Innovation Centre icealex innovation hub ICER-Lab ICI MONTREUIL ICS Dr. G. Roscher GmbH ICS Dr. G. Roscher GmbH ICTP Scientific Fabrication Laboratory (SciFabLab) IDA iDROPS iDROPS vzw IECP-Iniciativa Economia Civica Portugal IES-SBS Social Innovation Lab Ific iilab Ik Ben Zoho Ilari Lahtinen ilikecineua Imagination for People iMAL, Center for Digital Cultures and Technology IMI Barcelona iMinds Immersive Rehab IMMI (International Modern Media Institute) Impact Hub Bratislava Impact Hub Florence Impact Hub Istanbul Impact Hub King's Cross Impact Hub Milan Impact Hub Siracusa Impact Hub Stockholm Impact Hub Trieste Impact Hub Westminster Impact Hub Zurich Impilo Foundation Imprimatvrlab - Fablab di San Martino dall'Argine Inartis Incarnation fablab Inclusight Incom GmBH Independent Induct Industrial Strategy Communications Inercia Digital iNetwork INFALIA PC Info@Leze Informatica Trentina Information Society Development Institute Informatique Libre . Coop'Alpha Inno FabLab inno-focus businessconsulting gmbh Innobasque Innobasque-Basque innovation agency Innodriven INNOFAB innonatives Innotech Summit Innovación Ciudadana InnovAfrica InnovateNI Innovation and Technology for Development Centre Innovation Lab Innovations Lab Kosovo INOVA+ Inoveb Insiel Insiel spa - inhouse Regione FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA Insight Report inspira-t Institut Inovasi Sosial Indonesia (INSOS) Institut Mines Telecom Institute for Eastern Studies Foundation Institute of Applied Urbanistics Institute of Network Cultures Instituto de Biocomputacion y Fisica de Sistemas Complejos (BIFI) de la Universidad de Zaragoza Instituto de Robotica para la Dependencia Intelligence Intent Interago International Centre for Decision Science and Forecasting, Progress & Business Foundation International Centre for Information Management Systems and Services ICIMSS International Victor Serge Foundation Internet of Things Council Internet of Things Zurich Invest Northern Ireland Investir & + Invotech IOTIP IOX LAB IPS_Innovative Prison Systems IRI Isabella iScoil ISI Foundation Istasyon TEDU Istat - Italian National Institute of Statistics Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico delle biblioteche italiane e per le informazioni bibliografiche ICCU Italia Digitale Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism - Special Superintendence for the Colosseum and the Archeological Heritage of Rome IZA World of Labor IZOLAB Işık Fab Lab Jednota skolskych informatiku (Union of Informaticians in Education) jefferyvance JeugdFabLab Join In JOLOCOM Jozian Junta de Andalucia Just a Cup of Coffee Just Fashion Just Knock Justice lab Kaasfabriek | FabLab regio Alkmaar Kade Social Ventures Kaini Industries KAIST Kall services Kamorking38 kanheya Kaunas Technical University Keen Kendra Initiative Kennisland Key Fund Investments Ltd khonex Kiemkracht Kindergifts Kirecò Fablab Knowledge Hub Knowman KODIME Ltd Kolba Konnektid Kosovo Architecture Foundation KREATER Social Innovation Agency KreatorLab KromLabòro FabLab KTH L'abscisse L'Atelier du PlayLab L'Atelier FabLab L'ETABLI l'incubateur du CENTQUATRE L1A Makerspace la B@se La Charbonnerie La Cuisine La Fab'rique la FABrique du Loch La Fabrique Numerique de Gonesse La Fabulerie La Fonderie La Machinerie La Muse en Circuit La Paillasse La Quadrature du Net la refabrique LAB LAB LAB TANGER Lab Top Innovation LAB' HAUT COMTOIS LAB01 Labelle labfab de Rennes LabFab UR1 Labin Granada Laboratoire d'Aix-périmentation et de Bidouille Laboratoire d'Ingenierie d'Idees Laboratorios Cesar LabourStart LABSud Montpellier Lancaster University Landshare Language Landscape Latvijas Universitātes FabLab LC Logistics Center Le 17 bis Le Cicogne Le Garage by Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France Le Mat - Agenzia di sviluppo Le Petit FabLab de Paris Le Village Graphic - FabLab le ]ProtoLab[ Leading Edge Only Leapfunder Learner-Generated Contexts Research Group LEDEN LEFIVE Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries LENS Living Lab Les Bricodeurs Les Fabriques du Ponant LH3D fab lab LH3D fablab Liberté Living-Lab Libertic Lieu de Fabrication Ouvert Liferay Lift Events LimouziLab LIN - Léman Innovation Numérique LinkedAge LION IT Living Enterprise, Inc. Living IT Lab Living Lab ActivAgeing LivioTeam Lizardeals srls Localocity locativeaudio lombasdia London Dermatology Centre Lorraine Fab Living Lab Lorraine Fab Living Lab Loudlab Loveawake Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts - iHomeLab Lunaria Lund University Lutte contre l’Exclusion Sociale (LES) Lynx M'AU 3D Lab M-lab, the Fab Lab of Vilnius m4Social Macc machbar potsdam Machines Room MAD emergent art center MADE MADE Makerspace MADE Makerspace Barcelona Made Open Madeira-ITI MadLab MadLab (Manchester) Magenta srl Magic FabLab French Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale (Commune de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean) Maison Regionale de l'Environnement et des Solidarites Make in Granda Make in Nuoro MakeInBo - FabLab Bologna MakeIT.lab @ Fyxxi Maker Electronics Ireland Maker Space Vienna MakerConvent MakeRN FabLab Makernow Makers of Tangencial Makerspace 56 Makerspace Darmstadt Makerversity Makespace Madrid MAKILAB Making All Voices Count MAKLAB MAKLAB - Dumfries MAKLAB - Micro Manufacturing Malaria spot MalariaSpot Manager Non Profit Manche Lab Manchester Advice Alliance Manchester City Council Manchester Digital Development Agency Map Kibera Trust MappiNa Maribor Development Agency MarkerLab martin pot interiors Mashauri Matemaatik Mathema Matinale Digitale MDDA Medecins Sans Frontieres Medhance Media Innovation Studio Medialab Session Medialab UGR MediaPoint Mediterranean Fab Lab Melbourne Social Equity Institute MENON Network Mep Company in Dubai Mesensei Metamatter Metro4All Microgenius MILL - Makers In Little Lisbon MillauLab Mind Waves Mindflood Mindmajix Technologies, INC Mini FabLab MakerHousehold MiniFabLab Utrecht Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken MINISTERIO DE EDUCACION DEL PERU Ministry of Justice Digital Services Miocugino - officina di gesta e ingegno MobiCycle Ltd MobyPark MODUL University Vienna, Department of New Media Technology Moizraza MONEO Institute MOOVZ more onion Morgengrun motiroti MOVE.BG MOVImenti ltd Movimiento Idun Mozilla mPowered MrCrowdfunding MSU Multi-piattaforma web WikiSpazioPubblico (WSP) su Multilab Rozzano Municipality municipality of Eindhoven MUSE Fablab Museo dell'Informatica Funzionante Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci Milano Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra Museomix association MuseomixUK Museon My City My Seed mylearningworx mySociety MySupportBroker CIC NachhaltigeJobs narua taller de negocios NaTakallam National Institute for Health Research National Research Council of Italy National Ugly Mugs National Youth Agency Navreme Boheme, s.r.o. NB consult NCBI Neighbours Can Help Ltd Neo International Ltd Nesta Nestpick NetHood netivist Netwerk Democratie NetwOrg New Citizenship Project New Economics Foundation NEXA NHO Nordland Nicéphore Labs NICVA NILU No Isolation Nod-A NOISE Festival Nomcentar Nominet Trust Non Chiederci La Parola nordic business house NordicDEi Northumbria University Not Just Arduino Nouvelle Fabrique NPO ICT Center NPO IT Support Center Nudge Numérifab Nursing Care Core O masa calda (A Hot Meal) OE global OECD Officine ZIP - FabLab Padova Officine080 Oi Polloi ( ) OKFN OKFN Belgium OKFN DE ON/OFF Fablab Parma One Architecture One World Rental ONEArmenia Open Antwerpen Open Bank Project Open Cinema OPEN CONSENT Open Data Institute (ODI) Open Data Kosovo Open Data Manchester Open Democracy Open Edge Open Food Facts Open Food Foundation Open Food Network UK Open Garden Inc. Open Knowledge Finland - OKFFI Open Knowledge Foundation Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V. Open Ministry Open P2P Design Open Source Software Society(GFOSS) Open State Foundation Open street Map Open Streetmap Open Technologies Alliance(GFOSS) Open University OpenCorporates OpenData Manchester opendot OpenFab Openfab Istanbul OpenFactory OpenLab OpenLab Hamburg OpenLandLAB OpenOil OPO LAB OPO-Lab Orange Bird Orbeliani Ort France ORT Innovation Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences Department of Computer Science Otavan Opisto OuiShare OULLabs Outlandish OVACEN Owela - Open Web Lab P.A.U. Education P2P Foundation P2P Lab PACKED Expertisecentrum Digitaal Erfgoed Pak SEO Company Pakhuis de Zwijger Pangea, Comunicacio per a la Cooperacio Pangloss Labs #1 - Ferney-Voltaire Parlemint Parthlab Partnership for Change PASS Technologie Patient Innovation Patients like me PatientsLikeMe Peacock's DIGI PeerAbove Pembrokeshire College People's Voice Media Peopleriver Permanent Future Lab Foundation Photofoundation Photonic FabLab PiNG Pioneers into Practice Piqniq Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Electronics Engineering Dept) Pixel Humain Pixelache Plan A Plan Projects planpolitik Play by Eye Plexus PLUG Podaris Poietic Generator Point Carré Polibienestar Research Institute Polifactory Politecnico di Milano Politecnico di Milano School of Management Polyhedra FabLab Pop [lab] PoPlab Possunt Potentiaal Social Innovation Pracmatic Pressformore Proboscis ProDe Project Ahead Project Danube Project Oracle Propolis Open Data Factory Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo Proto204 - SmallLab ProtoRoboLab Protospace/FabLab Utrecht prova prova2 Provenance Provincia di Roma Public Software Group e. V. PubMe purpleX Pyrenees Research Laboratory Qatar Computing Research Institute Qmarkets Innovation Management Qoin QUAILAB R&DTECHFRANCE Race It Home RandeLab RASPBERRY PI FOUNDATION Reach Reactn REAS País Valencià Reason Digital Rebel Labs Rebobinart reciproque Red Door Lab redbcn Regional Social Innovation Hub Skopje RElab Relais d'sciences Relationships Commons Remix Coworking Remix The Commons Remploy Resolvo Srl Respiro del Mare Retedeldono Rewired State Rhodes Municipality Rice Design RightBrains Ring-Ring Rinoteca FabLab RipeNearMe RMIT Europe Robust Tech House RogLab Roland DG Mid Europe Roma Capitale Roma Makers Rooter Rupellab - fablab La Rochelle Rural Development Team RuralLab Rutech RuTech FabLab MJC Rodez S4Si Safeware Informatics for Social Innovation Salford City Council Salford City Council ICT Services Sand Consultoria e innovacion social Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa Saregune - Sartu Alava Saxion FabLab Enschede SBU HCI-UX LAB School Raising Scottish Business in the Community Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Sea Communications Sector 3 - Social Brokers Secure Trading SensiLAB Sensomusic serial-labs Serlo SetPay Shabbadu SHARE Foundation Share N Save Sharevoisins Shareyourmeal Sheffield Hallam University Ship2B Shukhov Lab Shure Open Technologies Sigma Orionis SIGMAke SIMPLON.CO SINTEF sixteen25 SKAP Fab Lab Skjutsgruppen Slow Food Small Axe Small Media SMart Smart Citizen Kit Smart Fab Lab Smart Materials Smart Volta Smarteducationlab fablab Lecce Smartlab Smartlab Carinthia SmartOpenData SnappCar SO Lunch Social 21 Social and Economic Development Centre Social Chic Ltd Social Entrepreneurship Institute Social Experience Social FabLab Social Fabric Social Impact Lab Social Impact Tracker Social Innovation Camp Social Innovation Community Social Innovation Exchange Social Innovation Factory Social Innovation Hub Social Innovation Tv (NCLP) Social Life Social Network Unionism Social Powerhouse Social Sound Social to Crowd Social-Digital Innovation Initiative SocialFare | Center for Social Innovation Sociallending Onp SocialTech Society for General Microbiology Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski Soko Lab Solvik Gard Sometu Somos Mas Europa Soundtrackcity Soup Dragon Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund | TU Dortmund SOZIALHELDEN e.V. Sparta Digital spazio geco - fab lab pavia Spiel Creative Spitfire Fab Lab (Eastleigh, UK) Sponge SquaregoLab SQYLAB SRB Burgerradio staatslabor Stadslab Rotterdam Stadtverwaltung Saalfeld Stampery Stample Standby Task Force sTandTall Starship Factory Starting Point Community Learning Partnership Stichting fablab013 Stickyboard Stirchley Happenings Stockport Homes Stoke Newington Literary Festival Streetbank streetclub Stroudco Food Hub Studio COME Studio Kappa Studio Walden Studios Singuliers SU-RD Sunlab Super Global SUPSI LCV Interaction Design Lab Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy Swirrl Syl Community Construct Symba Sync SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Syskrack Syskrack Lab T.V.T. Toulon Var Technologies TAGES Tal Co. Talent Garden Tallinn University Tameside Council Tapazz TaxiTastic Teach First Tech Britain TechCreate TechF@ctory Techhelperz Techlab Chieri TechLab LR Technical University of Catalonia Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Technistub Technological Education Institute of Piraeus (Dept of Electronics Engineering) Technology Trust Technoport FabLab TechSoup Europe TechSoup France - ADB Solidatech Tecnalia Tecnalia Research & Innovation Tecnologie Democratiche Telecentre Danmark Telefab Tenshi Tenshi Consulting Ltd Tenzing Teplitsa of Social Technologies Teran Foundation Terragon Co-creation Solutions Tevere Texnosphera The Alinker Europe BV The ASI The Centre for Internet and Society The Changer The Climate Connected Benefit Society The Creative coop The Democratic Society The FabLab: Make in Milano The Food Assembly The Foundation The Fourth Group The Glass Fablab The Good Data Cooperative Ltd The Good Life For All CIC The Happy Startup School the HONGKONG Polytechnic University The Impactory The Jagiellonian Club The Making Rooms The mean is nothing to lose the medical search The Melting Pot The Nerve Centre The Next Billion the NGO Poznan Centre The Open University, Knowledge Media Institute The Social Coin The Talent Bank The Things Network The Unit for Social Innovation and Research Shipyard THE VISUAL SUSPECTS The Volunteer Centre Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde The WikiRate Project The Young Foundation Thilab Things Manchester Think Commons Thoughtful ThoughtOut Project Thrive Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society (TACS) Time2Trace Timelab Tinder Foundation Tinkerers Lab TinkerinQ FabLab Houten Tiree Tech Wave TIS FabLab tlapan conseil et creation TNO To SET OUT Today is a new day TODO TOP-IX Consortium Toromorrow Lab touscoprod Trafford Fab Lab Trafford MBC Trakk Transformative Connections Transformify Transition Stroud, Splatsoft, Satori creative Transparency International Slovensko TreeWifi Trentino as a Lab Trento Rise TRIBU INNOVACION TTech TUTLab TVCOM TyFab U-Hopper srl Ubiquat Technologies UCL Ufa Mechanica Ufamechanica UFO UG Zasto ne UK Health Forum UKFast UKIDCP Ulule Umea Institute of Design UNDP UNDP Action for Cooperation and Trust Unimundal Collective Universidad Complutense de Madrid Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Universita Bocconi Universita degli Studi di Genova Universitat Pompeu Fabra Universite de Technologie de Troyes University Carlos III Madrid University of Augsburg, Medienlabor University of California Berkeley University of Dundee University of Edinburgh University of Exeter, Penryn Campus University of Leuphana University of Limerick University of Nottingham University of Oxford University of Piraeus University of Sheffield University of Southampton University of Strathclyde, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship University of Stuttgart University of Tokyo University of Torino University of Trento University of Valencia Science Park University of West Bohemia University of Zaragoza - BIFI University of Zurich Department of Informatics unMonastery:Matera UPC - UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA Urban FabLab URENIO Research Unit URIDU gGmbH Ushahidi Inc Usitoo Utopiawerkstadt UV printer Valldaura Labs Vandejong Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council Vectorealism FabLab Verket FabLab Verona FabLab ViciniDiCasa LTD VILABS Villette Makerz by woma Vilmate ViNN:Lab – Fab Lab at TUAS Wildau Virtual Jobs Market VIRTUS Visceral Business Visiativ Vivarta VIVES VocalEyes Voices of Youth Voluntary Action Sheffield Volunteer Aid Denmark Voor je Buurt voXup VÅGA Digital Platform W3C Waag Society Wagn Wake'n'Make Wales Co-operative Centre WATCH Ltd We are Snook Ltd. We Are What We Do WE DO FAB LAB We Dundee We Make Change We Sign It WEA-NI WeAct AG Webliteracy NL webLyzard technology WeCreate Workspace WeGo B.V. WEI Medicine GmbH WeMake WeMake | Makerspace Fablab Wendy Fisher Consulting Weproductise fablab Westminster University Wetailer WeWork Cantù WeWork Lurate Caccivio WhenVisited Foundation Whitstable Umbrella Community Support Centre Wiki Spazio Pubblico (WSP) WikiBrains Wikifactory WikiHouse Foundation Wikinetix WitLab WoMa Wonderwerk Consulting WorcesterFabLab Workshop for Social Innovation Workspace group World Wide Narrative World Wide Web Foundation WorldChangers & Co Writers Den Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ WWF Switzerland WYTWÓRNIA Xi Lab xm:lab - Experimental Media Lab Xnet Yhteismaa Yoomee Digital YouAid Foundation (YAF) YOUFACTORY Young Rewired State Young Scot Youth Business International YouthDirect Yunus Social Business Albania ZakÅ‚ad ZakÅ‚ad Makerspace ZB45 Makerspace zBis Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation ZenWeShare Zooniverse ZZZINC



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