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OuiShare is a think and do tank which connects people and accelerates projects for systemic change.

OuiShare is a think and do tank which connects people and accelerates projects for systemic change.

A non-profit founded in January 2012 in Paris, OuiShare has rapidly evolved from a handful of enthusiasts to a global community spread across Europe, North, Latin America and the Middle East. Powered by a network of OuiShare Connectors who lead projects and activities, its main hubs are Paris, Barcelona, London, Munich, Montreal and Rio.

Our mission is to build and nurture a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust.

We believe that economic, political and social systems based on these values can solve many of the complex challenges the world faces, and enable everyone to access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

As an international collective OuiShare’s main activities consist in:

  • Research and Knowledge Production: We publish pioneering thinking on the OuiShare Mag, do research and curate a global network of experts on different topics in our knowledge groups.
  • Community Organising: We connect people from different fields and backgrounds from over 50 countries through meetups and online discussions.
  • Events: We gather pioneers from across the globe for events, festivals and conferences, such as OuiShare Fest and ColaborAmerica.
  • Project Acceleration: We support early stage projects with our knowledge, network of international experts and initiatives in innovation camps such as POC21, OuiShare Fest Forward and Eco2Fest.
  • Services: We produce events for organisations that want to hold inspirational events that are participatory, collaborative and zero waste.

OuiShare is involved with:



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