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ePa?stwo Foundation

Our aim is to develop democracy, open and transparent authorities and civic engagement.

Our aim is to develop democracy, open and transparent authorities and civic engagement.

We take various types of public data and, using the power of Internet and new technologies, present it to citizens free of charge. We give the citizens the knowledge and the tools to make their country better.

What we do?


"Policy" activities focus on influencing the practice of public administration, shaping the case law and initiating action to change the law.


myCountry (MojePa? is a set of apps that allow you to control what your country does and affect its actions.

Code For Poland

Code For Poland (Koduj Dla Polski) is a community searching for technological solutions to societal challenges. Part of Code for All Network.

Personal Democracy Forum CEE

Annual conference Personal Democracy Forum CEE is a platform of idea and experience exchange for people working for civic participation and transparency in public life with the help of new technologies in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Open Cities

We're helping cities, communes, counties and public institutions to make their data avaiable for citizens.



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