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Hello Lamp Post

An engagement platform that allows citizens to have playful text conversations with street objects for councils to interact with the public.

An engagement platform that allows citizens to have playful text conversations with street objects for councils to interact with the public.

Hello Lamp Post started as a one-time project by Pan Studio, a creative agency in London. They won the Playable Cities Award in 2013 and had been developing the technology further ever since. This was due to requests by international city governments and organisations to use Hello Lamp Post for projects around art, culture, planning, transport and more.

Today, Hello Lamp Post is working with local governments, planners and urban developers; with citizens at the forefront of the thinking. It allows cities to give their citizens a role in their urban design and development, providing them with a platform to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings about the area, as well as sharing memories and stories with fellow citizens. Hello Lamp Post benefits both the city and its citizens: encouraging honest conversation, leading to improved services and better quality of life for citizens.

Essentially, the two key pillars of HLP are informing and gathering insights from citizens - to influence behaviours in a positive way and achieve positive output among society. These can be manifested in increased sustainable lifestyles, better waste and recycling knowledge, climate change action from a citizen perspective, community development and innovation in democracy.

Hello Lamp Post empowers citizen, making them happier and feel they are listened to. It also better informs local government about the wishes of citizens, meaning they are able to build people-centred, resilient cities of the future.

The reason HLP moved into the particular direction of using digital engagement to empower citizens and inform policy making, was due to the strong incoming demand from both citizen and citz side. Ever since HLP’s first deployment in Bristol, citizens have been increasingly proactive, open and collaborative in term of this unique engagement approach. With every new project deployed, our city clients have been able to achieve tangible outputs and are using the Hello Lamp Post technology to drive, support and increase the impact of their city programmes.

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- Sophie Grimmer




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