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Code for Australia

Code for Australia brings citizens, government and industry together to collaboratively solve social issues.

Code for Australia brings citizens, government and industry together to collaboratively solve social issues.

Us, In a Nutshell

Our work is based on the belief that the problems we face cannot be solved unless a greater number and diversity of people become involved. We believe that collaboration and openness are key to designing, developing and deploying solutions that meet everyone’s needs.


Who Are We?

Code for Australia is a community of everyday people who are passionate about creating change. Our network brings together people from the public and private sectors to break down silos, work collaboratively and reanimate citizenship.

We have a team of people who help nurture and find opportunities for this community, a bigger team of people who are working on specific projects with us, and a large community of change-makers who apply our ethos in their own organisations. Find out more about our team here.


What do we do?

We run programs that bring together governments, industry and individuals to tackle social issues and allow the general public to meaningfully contribute to civic issues.

Through these programs, we empower institutional entrepreneurs from academia, public sector and private sector to actively solve civic issues.

Together, we believe we can find new solutions to old problems.

Code for Australia is involved with:



- Grace O'Hara


Code for Australia is based in Australia and has been running since Jan 2014

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