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Deedmob is on a mission to engage and coordinate people to address the most challenging problems in society

Deedmob is on a mission to engage and coordinate people to address the most challenging problems in society

Dear 21st century,


How can it be that you can spend a lifetime scrolling through social media, get delivered all the stuff you could possibly want in 24 hours, BUT it’s so hard to find an opportunity to do good?


This needs to change. We, the Deedmob team, met while studying at the University of Oxford, where we were united in our burning desire to address this question – and with that, the big questions of our time. How can we leverage the community spirit of billions of people around the globe to create the movement that delivers on the positive change we need? We founded Deedmob, a social enterprise start-up that offers the online volunteering platform with integrated ICT tools to make doing good better, easier and more impactful.


We help individuals to find flexible opportunities to do good from the palm of their hand. We give non-profits free state-of-the-art technical tools to find and retain volunteers more effectively. We sustain this free product by offering companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions to unlock the potential of their employees and track their social impact. And, by offering governments the opportunity to (re)integrate members of society through civic participation and find their way into the labour market.


We are now the largest volunteering platform in the Netherlands with 500+ charitable organisations, representing over 850,000 volunteers and we are currently expanding internationally in the EU. We have a large base of multi-national clients, like Microsoft, Red Bull, UPS, H&M, and many more. At the same time, we have large government clients in the Netherlands that allowed us to take people on the journey from (re)integration through volunteering to jobs.

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