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NGO Ecos do Sur

Making the world a fairer, more equitable and proud of its diversity place since 1991

Making the world a fairer, more equitable and proud of its diversity place since 1991

in Ecos do Sur we work so that the coexistence between people of different origins and with different realities can be fruitful in a more just, inclusive and equitable society. That is why, since 1991, we have been promoting the integration of migrants, unemployed people and people in particular vulnerability. In this time, more than 12,000 people have been beneficiaries of our projects. Some of them had come to believe that they had no rights. Others had seen how social justice passed them by. They all had goals and dignity. They all showed us that, if we believe in them, they are able to make their opportunities flourish. We work from an integral perspective that understands the individual in its globality, attending to its emotional, economic, social aspects, etc. For this, we put together a powerful professional team that includes sociologists, psychologists, labor counselors, social educators, integrators, mediators, journalists...

At present we maintain three lines of work:

1. Social activation for global citizenship. We promote participation of the migrant collectives and we work with society of welcome in mutual knowledge and overcoming of prejudices. We feed coexistence, cultural respect, and social cohesion and we reduce the levels of acceptance of racism and hate speech.

2. Access to essential rights. We guarantee that all people have information and equal access to their rights, independently of the administrative, economic or social situation where they are.

3. Training, employment and entrepreneurship. Working is a basis for social realization, economic and personal. Because of that, we build a system of training and access to employment based on equity of opportunities and options.

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