Measuring The Success of Your SEO Campaigns: Important Metrics You Cannot Miss

Entrepreneurs are becoming more aware of website optimization every day.

Entrepreneurs are becoming more aware of website optimization every day.

Entrepreneurs are becoming more aware of website optimization every day. The problem is most companies employ professional SEO agencies to optimize their business sites. We all know by now that measuring the returns of any SEO campaign can be tricky since the progress often takes months to show. It includes many tangible and intangible metrics, which include branding and leadership. These intangible factors contribute significantly to the optimization of a site for leading search engines and for users, but many entrepreneurs find it difficult to trust their SEOs when the results take a significant amount of time to reflect on their site stats.


You may need to take back control


If you identify with this problem, it is time you took matters into your own hands. Each company should have their own SEO analytics tools. Your Local SEO Agency may be the best in town, but you need to feel the sense of control to be able to trust another company with your site’s present and future. Hiring a good SEO strategist and hiring a good personal trainer is a lot alike. It takes quite a bit of time for the good effects to show. In the meantime, all you can do is, continue with your new diet, weight watching, and regular workouts to prepare yourself for the bigger challenges. 


How to measure SEO success?


As you probably know by now, when you are working out regularly your weight and BMI are the metrics that represent your health improvement. Similarly, when working on your site SEO, you need to keep an eye on a few site metrics to understand the effects of the optimization efforts at a macro level.


Keywords and more


While optimizing a website for searches on leading search engines you need to start with keyword strategies. You need to start checking your organic traffic and ranks from your organic long-tailed keyword choices. Google Analytics is the most excellent tool for any kind of keyword research. In fact, the Overview Page will show your traffic trends based on keywords for the last 30 day period. It will include your origin of traffic, impressions, conversions, bounce rates and average dwell time on a page. In fact, if you combine your Google Analytics reports with your Google Webmaster data, you will get the latest bit of info about your CTR and keyword related data.


Brand popularity


Brand exposure and popularity are among the most popular intangible metrics that govern the returns of an optimization campaign. It is quite strange that entrepreneurs rarely stress on brand exposure as a requirement of the SEO efforts of a company. The secret to a brand’s success online is brand exposure. Whether you have it in your clause or not, your exposure is bound to improve once you hire professional SEO companies to tend to your website.


How to understand if your company is enjoying improved brand popularity?


There are no tools to measure your brand’s exposure directly. However, you can use data from Google Analytics and social media listening tools like HootSuite to understand the performance of your brand on social media channels. 


  • You will see an increasing trend of social media shares, likes, and comments.
  • More people will come to your site from social media links.
  • You will get many good backlinks.


We are not talking about direct involvement. Each metric should be a contribution of people organically coming across your brand on social media.


How is traffic an SEO metric?


Traffic is a result of SEO, and it is also a driving force for optimization of your site. It can be a little confusing for those who have been thinking of traffic only as a result of any campaign. In reality, your site gets two kinds of traffic – organic and referral.


When people find your site on the SRL and visit your site directly from Google search results, they contribute to your organic traffic. When people find you on social media mentions and blogs, and they follow the links to your site, it adds to referral traffic. Referral traffic may not have any direct contributions to your SEO, but it has a tremendous effect on your site’s popularity.


Many digital marketing experts look down upon referral traffic since they tend to be irrelevant. It brings us back to the old point of observing traffic and social media activities through HootSuite like tools. Once you start monitoring your mentions and modulating social media shares, you will find more relevant traffic, social media influencers and active professionals on your site.


There are over 200 factors that can affect your site search engine optimization. It is close to impossible for any agency to monitor all tangible and intangible factors to measure and monitor the returns of SEO campaigns. You can surely make the process a lot easier by starting your own metrics analysis by employing monitoring tools. That is the only complete way of measuring the success of your SEO endeavors.

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Measuring The Success of Your SEO Campaigns: Important Metrics You Cannot Miss



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