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SO Lunch

Win-win model of consumption to avoid social isolation, improve the income through meals shared in lunch break by a digital platform.

Win-win model of consumption to avoid social isolation, improve the income through meals shared in lunch break by a digital platform.

So Lunch is a startup founded in dec 2016 to manage the project SO Lunch.

So Lunch is the “common kitchen” hosted in a digital geo-localized platform that helps people at home (Unemployed, retired, housewife) to avoid social isolation and perceive an income, through payed food preparation during lunch break offered to people working nearby.

After an years work to study,design and test the project we decided in the end of 2016 to found a startup to manage a project that demonstrate the opportunity to have social impacts both from results in the test activities and in the recognized value in national and international competition. We were semi finalist at the European Social Innovation Competition 2015, Winner at: Il Coraggio di innovare Digital Awards 2015 Regione Lombardia, winAnnual Mentorship of DigitalXItaly 2015, Call Fundamenta Rinascimenti Socialiat SocialFare Torino), Startuptraining SDA Bocconi (lean startup accellerating program). Finalist at StartupCup Lombardia, Winning 1° Italian Civic Crowdfunding Campaing by  Milano Municipality.

After a winning crowdfunding campaign (goal 40.000 €) we founded the Starup SOLunch srl in dec 2017.

So Lunch srl is also Member Assolombarda (Confidustria)

Witho SoLunch who is at home cook for those working want to eat at home wherever they are, ensuring a profit to the cooks and fostering new relationships. They become players and beneficiaries in socio-economic and environmental improvement. So Lunch creates a new win-win model of consumption of lunch break that allows to promote social interaction and improve the income through the meal shared during the lunch break, spread an healtier and effective use of food and against food waste.

So Lunch leverages to existing assets: the kitchen of every home becomes a micro-restaurant enabled by a platform that creates a network of “common kitchens” with vertical offer on lunch break It enables exchanges, fruitful dialogue, and attention to the economic and environment aspects. It has a self-sustainable business model based o free membership and service fees on consumption and reach is social goals without public support.

Thanks to the platform people offer, book, pay and rate peer to peer activities about payed home meals offered for the lunch break. Socializing, one can enjoy a stress free lunch break,  having additional income. The community brings its themes on the territories involving associations, Events, Companies, Local Government

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