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Putting an End to a Common Source of Friction in Long-Lasting Relationships


Some few relationships seem to progress naturally and with a momentum all their own. While that can be satisfying to experience, it is by no means the norm.

In fact, most relationships that endure to any extent involve quite a bit of hard work. An interesting post at a blog called be irresistible points out one of the most effective ways of avoiding a common relationship pitfall.

Stop History from Repeating Itself Harmfully and Needlessly

Every relationship will accumulate a history of its own as it continues and persists. While most of the events that make up that story will hopefully be positive for both parties, not everything can always work out well.

That is entirely natural and not something that can ever be entirely avoided. As the be irresistible feature makes clear, however, some couples do themselves no favors by focusing overly much and too often on these negative past experiences.

Over time, in fact, referring back to old points of conflict, contention, and difficulty can start to become a habit. Thereafter, ancient squabbles that should have long ago been laid to rest can end up being resuscitated again and again.

Recognize This Dysfunctional Pattern and Resolve to Put a Stop to It

Once this kind of interaction becomes habitual, it can start to really strain even the most basic contours of an otherwise healthy relationship. The answer, in just about every case, is simply to become specifically conscious about what is happening.

After an old, recurring argument has been identified and singled out, it will tend to lose its power to distract, compel, and cause tension. The simple act of becoming aware of this unproductive form of relating to a loved one is often all that will be required to put an end to it for good.

This becomes even more the case if both participants in a relationship are committed to making progress. Sharing a dedication to defusing the power of a longtime source of difficulty can actually bring two people closer together. Over time, tackling issues like this one in productive, mutually supportive ways can help make any relationship that much stronger and more likely to endure for a long time to come.

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