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Just Knock

Innovative digital recruiting platform to find a job by sending an idea instead of CV

Innovative digital recruiting platform to find a job by sending an idea instead of CV

Just Knock is an innovative recruiting platform: users can apply to the job position by sending a personal IDEA by replying to the company brief or they can view the profile of our partners and “knock” on the door of the company they deem most interesting (spontaneous proposals). We want to give to users the possibility to build up their career thanks to their talent: IDEAS are what we are!

CV screening is often the first step of a recruitment process, but unfortunately this frequently limits the potential of a candidate to numbers and written evidence. Just Knock changes this and allows the first candidate evaluation to be based on what shows a person’s best features and uniqueness at best: we put ideas in the spotlight.

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- alice giacomelli


Just Knock is based in Italy and has been running since Sep 2014

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