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Fab LAB Trojmiasto

eduction, 3d printing, Laser cutting, CNC milling

eduction, 3d printing, Laser cutting, CNC milling
Fab Lab Trójmiasto has begun its operation in 2012. At the begining we have been cooperating with Instytut Kultury Miejskiej of Gdańsk, renting small space in the old town. There we have been conductiong workshops, we have been teaching basics of electronics, we have been building CNC machines and 3D printers. Since fall of 2013, thanks to the support of the city of Gdynia we were able to move our headquarters to Kolibki Park. We have been given the keys to an old building, which we have refurbished from scratch and adapted to the needs of our studio. Fab Lab Trójmiasto inventory consists of 3D printers built during the workshiops, small CNC mill which we use to teach basics of working with numerically controlled machines and laser cutting Seron plotter. At the begining of 2014 our studio's capabilities were expanded by the acquisition of full size CNC milling machine which enabled us to prototype in antural scale (furniture, boats, city gardening or ecological building elements). In addition to CNC machines, our studio has ever growing woodworking workshop and electronic station. In our work we focus on the education in the first place. We have workshops that encompass many diferent fields, from 3D design, through city gardening, CNC machines and 3D printers building to boatbuilding and ecological building, everything that can be described with Do It Yourself moniker. For the begining of 2015 we plan to expand our offer directed to children and to launch FabLabKids project.

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Fab LAB Trojmiasto is based in Poland

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