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Fablab Roma SPQwoRk

The Fablab SPQwoRk is an open space dedicated to the manufacturing and traditional crafts and modern. A workshop prototyping and do-it-yourself, which provides users of various skill levels, open

The Fablab SPQwoRk is an open space dedicated to the manufacturing and traditional crafts and modern. A workshop prototyping and do-it-yourself, which provides users of various skill levels, open
Open access to a wide range of tools, equipment, resources and work space. The FabLab SPQwoRk is aimed at young people and adults, but also children and young people of school age. Giving space to ideas that do not fit in most home workshops, access to a generational exchange of knowledge, focusing on the strong tradition of quality craftsmanship that has always characterized Italy, integrating it with the possibilities offered by digital fabrication. Fablab SPQwoRk has the intent to collect and cultivate highly creative working groups for the development of collaborative synergies between producers, thinkers , students, academics and entrepreneurs who share ideas , and want to create new products , new businesses to work, acquiring new abilities. An initiative of this kind would have an immeasurable impact on the community . Fablab SPQwoRk is dedicated to : ( fabber ) A place where people meet to discuss a possible project , then go directly to the development of the same ... (artisans and start-up) a place where groped to start your own business becomes simplified to the bone , with no initial investment, available over the machinery for the job, a consulting service and risk analysis / feasibility of the business. ( makers) a place where you can do all that at home you can no longer do (students) to form a place to work that matters ( children) a place to develop the creativity of their children as a playground of the work ( students ) a place to train and mix their skills CO -WORKING AREA The Woodlab Will be set up in an area of 50 square meters full of equipment to meet your production needs with the highest quality standards. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your interests and needs, in order to transform the projects vs. ideas. Experts will guide you through the use of the machines and training courses for residents can acquire a license for each machine to be used. Designer- Woodworking - Architect Metal shop An area dedicated to the manufacture of iron , from the forging , cutting , passing through incisions and punctures. A place to carry out their work without having the necessary experience , resources, internal illustrate the various processes for the manufacture of iron . Brico store a store inside selected from quality brands will allow you to purchase the materials from work without leaving the laboratory , saving time and money. Electronics store inside a store where you can find all sorts of supply , electronics and components , whatever your needs. For you always have electrical , electronic, mechanical, electromechanical , instrumentation, computer science. The products are not available, may be required, and 24 hours will be present in the lab. Tailoring Threads , needles , bobbins , fabric, feet , cut and sew , mannequins, and everything you need to both designers to create their own models for both young creative approach to tailoring. All in a comfortable environment and stimulating contact with other craft areas . Electronics work benches equipped with dreamel oscilloscopes testers , air sealing and everything you need to give vent to their hunger for Digital Fabrication , a chance to meet and collaborate with other makers in building new products with the help of other areas of manufacturing internal . 3Dprinting/3Dscanning The area devoted to 3D printing involves the use of machines for rapid prototyping and for detection by laser scanner. It will be possible to use the machines time or project with and without the aid of a qualified technician from the Lab 3D Printers and additive technique with subtractive technique . 2Dprinting In the work area dedicated to the production of print in 2D, you will have the ability to print and cut both of lightweight materials such as paper, adhesive vinyl, canvas and PVC , both on rigid materials such as forex , corrugated material , plexiglass etc etc . for retrofit and brendizzare well in their creation. Fablab Inside the laboratory there is the seat of Fablab SPQwoRk , the nerve center of the creative community , a place of encounter and exchange , facilities for research and development of new software for the completion of their projects by sharing training.

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Fablab Roma SPQwoRk is based in Italy

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