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Polifactory, is the makerspace of Politecnico di Milano

Polifactory, is the makerspace of Politecnico di Milano
POLIFACTORY is the brand new makerspace of Politecnico di Milano. It has been officially launched in 2014 by the Department of Design together with the Department of Mechanics and the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering. The mission of Polifactory is to explore and investigate the relation between design and new scenarios of manufacturing and to develop experimental research and educational activities related to: (i) new practices related to independent innovation, self-production and personal fabrication, (ii) the new fabrication technologies related to the emerging forms of open and distributed manufacturing, (iii) the new production places of (factories of the future) and spaces related to the concept of small urban manufacturing. Polifactory develops research projects at local, national and international level collaborating with public bodies and institutions and private companies (large scale companies, networks of SMEs and craftsmen). Polifactory supports pre-incubation of young talents. Every year, 40 doctoral and graduating students in design, mechanics, electronics, computer science and bioengineering are selected by Open Calls and hosted for three months in the makerspace. During this period, they work to materialize their own projects and collaborate (peer-to-peer) with other people participating in the makerspace activities. Finally, the factory organizes hackathon, workshops, seminars, educational activities and exhibitions in order to explore the future of manufacturing. Finally, Polifactory is located at the heart of the School of Design, a 300 mq “poli-technic factory” which combines a makersapce with a coworking and it is also connected to the whole system of Design Labs.

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Polifactory is based in Italy

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