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FabLab North Greenwich

Wearable technology, Fab Kids, Digital fabrication

Wearable technology, Fab Kids, Digital fabrication
The Arduino meet up group have so far favoured Westminster Hub. There isn’t a co-ordinated centre for ongoing meetings; several weekend bases operate but the coverage isn’t matching the potential demand, especially at local level in London. Leveraging in partners and joint posts with engineering and creative designers with a full suite of tools would be unique and an attractive differentiation for the FabLab in North Greenwich (Mitre Passage). The Designer Innovation Support Centre (DISC) project, part of the University of Arts Fashion Digital Studio, also highlighted in intelligence reports the fragmented nature of provision for high level support for high end manufacturing for fashion, and lack of digital skills in designers ( One possibility for the Greenwich FabLab is for a focus and workshops in addressing this.

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FabLab North Greenwich is based in United Kingdom

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