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World Wide Web Foundation

Establishing the open Web as a basic right and a public good.

Establishing the open Web as a basic right and a public good.
The World Wide Web Foundation was established in 2009 by Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee to advance the open Web as a public good and a basic right. We’re building a future in which the Web empowers everyone, everywhere, to take part in building a fairer world. The Web Foundation blends powerful advocacy, cutting-edge research, and practical innovation to build a better web for all. Working in partnership with over 160 organisations, we reach into 70 countries, affecting over 2 billion people. In the past two years, our work has changed policies and practices for the better in more than 10 countries, and we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of ordinary web users everywhere to have their voices heard. We focus on three key dimensions of human rights online: We’re working to expand access to the web for the 60% of the planet who are still not connected. We’re fighting to ensure that everyone’s voices can be heard online, and that the web serves people, not governments or corporations. We’re innovating to make knowledge and data freely accessible to all online. Our tight-knit team of around 30 works from hubs in Washington DC, Cape Town, Jakarta and London. We celebrate diversity — more than a dozen nationalities are represented at the Web Foundation, and the majority of our senior managers are women. Our founder gave the web to the world for free, but fighting for its future comes at a cost. Unlike most other Foundations, we’re unendowed and so we rely on donations to continue our valuable work. If you’re inspired by what you read on this site, please consider supporting us.

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World Wide Web Foundation is based in United Kingdom

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