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Making the internet work for everyone

Making the internet work for everyone
Almost half the world’s population is online. But while digital technology connects us as individuals more than ever before, it brings new divisions and inequalities we must face as a society. Our visions of the future are dominated by a few large companies. Our citizens are engaging digitally with politicians who don’t understand the channels they’re using. Our end users are diverse, but our designers and developers are not. We need a deeper digital understanding that enables everyone to shape the future of tech. That’s why Doteveryone exists: to help make technology more accountable, diverse, useful, and fair. To make the internet work for everyone. Following her 2015 Dimbleby lecture, Martha Lane Fox founded Doteveryone, a team of researchers, designers, technologists, and makers based in London. We explore how digital technology is changing society, build proofs of concept to show it could be better for all, and partner with other organisations to provoke and deliver mainstream change. We believe technology can change the world for the better – but it needs to be deployed responsibly. And we’re here to help make that happen.

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