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Centre for Innovation, Leiden University

Centre for Innovation, Leiden University

HumanityX is a multidisciplinary support team for pioneers in the peace and justice sector who want to spearhead digital innovations to tackle global challenges. Our strength lies in data-driven prototyping, co-creating digital solutions and building a network where innovators can explore, build and thrive.

An initiative of Leiden University’s Centre for Innovation, HumanityX builds on the vision that open, joint and fast innovation is part of the future for academic research trajectories. In close collaboration with the various university labs that are run by the Centre for Innovation, HumanityX offers its partners a network of opportunities.

HumanityX also serves as the innovation engine of The Hague Humanity Hub, an initiative of the City of The Hague and the Centre for Innovation to build the world’s leading innovation space for peace and justice.

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