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Fundacion Civiliter

@fCiviliter, strengthen democracy through the participation of civil society in public affairs...

@fCiviliter, strengthen democracy through the participation of civil society in public affairs...

Civiliter Foundation ( is a nonprofit organization incorporated and registered in Andalusia (Spain), whose main purpose is to deepen democratic life from civil society, developping and supporting projects and tools to the participation in public affairs of all kinds and especially in those related to governance and transparency of the public.

Civiliter was founded in a spirit of progress, as a tool for the development of initiatives and proposals that, based on the citizen debate and the exchange of ideas, help as much as possible to make a world oriented to the full development of the people individually and together, and more just, more sustainable and more participatory.

Civiliter try to support the aspirations of citizens, helping to articulate their speech and promoting it beyond a particular time and place.


The aims of general interest of the Foundation are:
1. - Recognize and strengthen civil society as the main focus and as a catalyst for
2. - Develop strategies and implement specific projects for communication and
dissemination of knowledge and experience, especially those aspects that
determine the quality of life of people and their role in public affairs as the
economy, politics, communication, culture, education, environment, values, etc..
3. - Promoting access to culture of citizenship, without restriction and in its
broadest sense expressed by Unesco, improving their sense of common good and
promoting positive assessment of cultural diversity
4. - Provide support and advice to the public authorities in achieving the goal of
active and responsible citizenship in fact as well as for the development of
governance and participation.
5. - Cooperate with other organizations with similar goals and similar national and

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