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DEAR — Design Around is a NPO focused on the humanization of hospital environments, and of pediatric departments in particular.

DEAR - Design Around Onlus is a no-profit organization engaged in humanization in cure-care spaces through projects that deal with creative disciplines and contemporary languages. 


DEAR is Design Around because the projects are built on the human-environment relationship, imagining spaces and moments of relations inside structures, bridges towards the outside, beyond every-day routine forced by the disease. The name reflects the double soul of the organization, which operates taking into account the emotional sphere, the psychophysical well-being and hospitality, without forgetting technical aspects, result of a rigorous research, conscious of the addressees peculiarities.  


DEAR is an incubator of multidisciplinary projects, from architecture to design, from visual arts to digital. 


An important role in DEAR proposal is played by laboratories, based on an active didactics able to balance the tecnical and manual part with the playful part.

Laboratories are important moments of sociaization and they represent an answear to the time issue, where time is perceived as more dilated compared with normal everyday rhythm. In pediatric spaces, laboratories offer the possibility to increase childs education and aquire knowledge and methods which are not part of the traditional school path.  


Through the monitoring of the activities and data, the aim is to develop a planning method creating the guidelines for the replica of the project. 


Humanization is a complex topic which requires an engagement of different experts for each aim of the project. DEAR is a network between professionals from different backgrounds - art, architecture, design, technology, anthropology, medicine, psychology- who believe in the cure-care practice through an active listening of each need and in a sperimental planning approach built on a wide network of shared knowledges.


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DEAR Onlus is based in Italy and has been running since Jan 2016

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