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Eurecat provides the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced expertise.

Eurecat provides the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced expertise.

Fundació Eurecat (Eurecat) is the major Technology Centre of Catalonia and the result of the integration of the most important Catalan technology centers: Ascamm, Barcelona Media, BDigital and Cetemmsa, CTM, CTNS, and Fundació Maqcentre, as well as the recent partnership with LEITAT. Eurecat is a private non-profit research center that manages a turnover of 38M€ and 450 professionals. It has a customer portfolio of over 1.000 companies.

EURECAT has currently more than 150 R&D projects running. Among the international projects, 67 major projects are in the 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020, 28 of which are coordinated by Eurecat. In addition to this wide experience at European level, Eurecat is also a strong player in the various R&D programmes sponsored by the Spanish and Catalan administrations, with more than 160 ongoing projects. Technology transfer is also an essential activity in Eurecat, with 36 international patents and 9 technology-based companies (eight in Spain and one in Latin America) started-up from the centre.

Eurecat R&D, innovation and training activities span from Industrial Technologies (metallic, plastic and composite materials, manufacturing processes, autonomous and professional robotics, functional printing and fabrics, simulations and sustainability) to Digital Technologies (Digital Humanities, Big Data Analytics, IT Security and Smart Management Systems, e-health, data mining and multimedia technologies).



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