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CoRe - Consumer Revolution

CoRe is a platform for information exchange and consumer engagement.

CoRe is a platform for information exchange and consumer engagement.

CoRe - a Consumer Revolution to translate, simplify product info & empower consumers, aiming at a more transparent market through citizen participation

We believe that better informed consumers can make better decisions and that we can channel the power of their choices onto production chains around the world - inserting consumer values into the profit equation of companies and giving a clear market value to social and environmental concerns. 

We believe we can make every choice count, TIMES 100!

The issue:

For consumers, it is extremely difficult to get all the information they want and need about products to make informed choices - choices that align with their values and concerns. CoRe is the solution to translate, customize and simplify the product label.

For brands, it is extremely costly and time consuming to get relevant, granulated and real-time market intelligence on consumers and emerging trends. FMCGs spend millions of Euro/year for sub-optimal information on this. CoRe is the solution for unmatched market intelligence and consumer engagement, in real time and at affordable prices.

CoRe, unlike existing alternatives, fuels positive feedback loops between consumers and industry by combining product information with consumer behavior - promoting a culture of engagement and sharing, and making sustainability profitable.

CoRe does not create content nor alerts on its own – it is a neutral information exchange platform. Instead, it gathers existing information about products (using online datasets, NGOs, Gov agencies, industry, etc) into a single open-source database. This includes data for Health, Social and Environmental and several subsets.
(examples of secured information providers)
The mobile app we are developing then offers a single access point to the product data. Users define their preferences on the app and scan a product barcode to get customized information on products, immediate comparison and alternatives (including price), track their own impact and collect points and rewards.

The beneficiaries:
1 – End user / Consumers get relevant, simplified and comparative info that allow them to purchase according to their values (and not just price). They get personalized information on products, can share, make comments and indicate their final purchase decisions – to track own impact, get rewards and make their choices count!

2 – Partners / NGOs boost usage of their data and get free insights on impacts: who follows their info, what other things their followers care about, what they scan and how information helps them choose differently. This data can help improve research & marketing efforts, impact measurements and fundraising efforts.

3 – Clients / Brands get unparalleled insights on consumer values. This allows them to know their customers better, identify trends quicker, know what values drive consumer choices, know the churn rates for products, run marketing impact measurement, market-aligned product development guidelines, etc.

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