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Crowdfunding and Microcredit in a startup with a social calling

Crowdfunding and Microcredit in a startup with a social calling

"SOCIALLENDING. The name says it all, even though it almost sounds like a contradiction in terms. Unless we’re talking about the life -blood of solidarity reviving an area considered tough and arid and the pioneer in questons is Ida Meglio, a financial operator swimming against the tide who has chosen to invest her skills in a startup promoting social innovation 

The heart of Sociallending?  Crowdfunding and – raising money on the internet through social media and  social networks  – applied to microcredit. The recipients: Young people, NEET and disadvantaged.

Their pilot target, selected after a assessment on the ground of the community rooted in the local area: mostly young people, NEET and young second-generation immigrants, because, Ida Meglio says, “according to data from the Italian National Institute of Statistics, their entrepreneurship could give a 0.5% boost to the Italian economy”.

But this is just the beginning: their goal is to apply this microcredit business based on digital innovation to a wider target group suffering from social exclusion, which also includes young Italians and NEET. 

Just like the pioneers, they advance in stages but with a clear goal in mind: social enterprise. Their model is Kiva, a US NGO inspiredby the Bengali Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus’s Gramen Bank,which, thanks to crowdfunding, promotes microcredit in disadvantaged countries - no donations and no financial intermediation. 

A third way exists, and it is that of responsabilisation. They move forward side by side, making the project attractive to investors,increasing the platform’s visibility, seeking out banks that disbursemicrocredit, creating partnerships for guarantees and organisingfund-raising.

The pioneers who started the business couldn’t be more deserving of the title of Digital Social Innovators."

 Elisabetta Flumeri & Gabriella Giacometti - Lazio Creativo 100 STORIE DI CREATIVITA' 2016 - ITALY REGIONE LAZIO








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Sociallending - Crowdfunding is based in Italy and has been running since Aug 2015

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