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Skills and learning

Find out more about our skills and learning cluster, led by Fab Lab Barcelona.

Learning and education are key for generating positive changes in our society, since they are the basis of the society of tomorrow. Through our work and others’, we know about many inspiring projects using DSI both as a method of learning and a way of delivering positive social changes.

The main objective of DSI4EU’s Skills and Learning Cluster, led by Fab Lab Barcelona, is to develop and expand new educational models and skills for the modern day, built upon new digital technologies which democratise access to information, knowledge and fabrication at all levels and generate impacts that were unimaginable in the past.

We are facing a great challenge, but at the same time a huge opportunity, to influence a new educational model which is open, accessible and inclusive, with a clear focus on social innovation. We are working hard to reduce entry barriers, prejudices and even costs to build the path towards the development of skills and learning with a social sense.

To reach our goals we explore different sides of this topic. Central to this is our peer learning model, where the horizontal figure of the educator is rethought to make way for a transversal model, giving rise to cooperation and distributed learning. For example, the core element of our Fab Academy programme is peer learning, with students physically and remotely working with students from all over the world, and exchanging knowledge and skills to grow together.

To consolidate these changes it is necessary to demonstrate the importance of the DSI at different levels, such as government, policy makers, educators, educational institutions, parents 'and students' associations. To attract the attention of each of these audiences we have defined different types of activities in different contexts, some more focused on content and discussion, such as conferences, and others focused on the experience of doing, such as workshops and demos.

As a complement to these processes, research is key, which we carry out through collaborations with institutions, policy makers, NGOs and EU projects, which provide us with inputs and answers to some questions such as: What are the key skills for social innovation? Who do we need to involve and how? What role do we have to influence policy? How de work locally, but be connected globally? Luckily, there are a number of networks already working on these questions, such as fablabs and markerspaces, CAPSSI and Edcamp.

At the Fab Lab Barcelona, we’ve developed extensive experience of educational programs, largely through our Future Learning Unit, a creation lab that supports young people and adults to develop their intelligence, creativity and imagination through different design and digital fabrication formats. We’re also the global coordinators of Fab Academy, the biggest digital fabrication campus in the world, which uses a distributed model of education to support students to make (almost) anything. Finally, we lead the Fab City Initiative, a new urban model for locally productive and globally connected self sufficient cities. Our main goal is to deliver the tools and skills which enable people to generate social impact.


To find out more and to get involved, email [email protected].



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