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The DSI Index

The European Digital Social Innovation Index (EDSII) is the first index ranking how different European cities support digital social innovation (DSI) and tech for good to grow and thrive.

Use this page to access a range of outputs from the EDSII.

Produced as part of the EU-funded DSI4EU project, the EDSII builds upon five years’ work by DSI4EUmapping and supporting DSI across Europe.

It ranks 60 European cities on 32 indicators which have been identified as important for the creation, growth and sustainability of DSI. These indicators are grouped into six themes: Funding; Skills; Civil Society; Collaboration; Infrastructure; and Diversity and Inclusion.

Our ultimate aim is to provide national and urban policymakers with an understanding of where they’re doing well, where there’s room for improvement, and how they can better support DSI to thrive. We hope it will stimulate some friendly competition between cities, but more importantly we also hope it will encourage cities to work together, to share knowledge and experiences, and to build upon each others’ work with the common goal of making our urban environments better places to live for everyone.

The EDSII is made up of several outputs targeted for different uses and audiences.

Whether you come from the world of policy, social entrepreneurship, civil society, philanthropy or research, we hope you will find the EDSII a useful resource for your practice. If you have any feedback, please email [email protected].



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