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Vailets HackLab

Community of people who promote learning amongst children through technology.

Vailets HackLab is a community of parents and educators which recognises the need to use, study and harness the potential of technology in both the school and the family.

They organise a range of independent events, such as programming and robotics workshops, talks, courses and hackathons, with the hope to instill values like justice and solidarity within future generations.

Vailets HackLab was created four years ago by parents who wanted their children to teach, study and use technology to transform society in the future. Over time, the community grew to incorporate not only parents, but also teachers who recognise the key role that technology will play in shaping future generations.

With this vision in mind, they are guided by the following principles:

  • Each person, or child is different and has different abilities and learning needs. However, the current education system is homogeneous in their approach.
  • Fun encourages learning. Learning is the most stimulating thing our brain can do.
  • Memorisation is important, but creativity is more important.
  • Mental challenges increase intelligence, and cooperation to overcome these challenges is an important value and lesson in itself.
  • The exploration of technology, and its application in programming and electronics, are intrinsically motivating for digital natives, and enhance learning in other areas of knowledge through attractive projects.
  • Children must understand that they have all the capabilities to develop as digital creators, and should not be limited to being consumers.
  • It is necessary to use, study and manipulate technology in both the school and at home.

Vailets HackLab does not do any formal impact measurement but it tracks attendees at events and in programmes. Every year, alongside all its normal activities, it hosts a conference attended by more than a thousand people, which is a great impact considering that is self-managed

Looking forward, sustainable funding is a challenge for the HackLab and the group is keen to develop a new line of activities aimed especially at educators to increase the impact of the project.


Twitter: @VailetsHackLab

Case study date: July 2018





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