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SocialHack Nou Barris

Social innovation hackathon for a district with significant social challenges

SocialHack Nou Barris is the first hackathon to be held in Barcelona with the aim of bringing social innovation through technology to one of the Barcelona districts with the biggest inequalities.

Nous Barris is one of the areas of Barcelona with the biggest inequalities. The Family Income Index shows that eleven of Nou Barris’ neighbourhoods are below 60% of Barcelona’s average income, which is where the poverty-risk threshold is set.

With the vision to use digital technologies to improve people's life, Nous Barris is holding a hackathon to develop DSI ideas to tackle neighbourhood challenges.

While hackathons are well established, this initiative is exciting as there is a commitment to prototype solutions in the neighbourhood.

The challenges will focus on the following areas:

  • Education to facilitate occupational integration of young people.
  • Free and open source technological tools to self-manage the district in a collaborative way for local associations.
  • Energy-saving solutions for homes and shopping areas.
  • Social inclusion and empowerment of women through digital technology.
  • Solutions to improve older citizens lives.

The goal is for Nou Barris’ residents and Barcelona’s social activists and technological innovators to work collaboratively to seek out solutions to the district’s most pressing social challenges. The hackathon will bring together people from various professional fields and areas of knowledge (programmers, graphic designers, social workers, marketing and digital-community experts, entrepreneurs, members of Nou Barris’ more active associations and so on) to work jointly and organised in multi-disciplinary teams to tackle the above challenges raised by the district’s residents themselves, which will be realised in the design of one or more technological projects.


Twitter: @the_socialhack



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