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Sustainable and people-oriented transport as a solution to mobility challenges in five European neighbourhoods.

Cities-4-People is conducting pilot projects in five European neighbourhoods to co-create local mobility interventions as a participatory form of neighbourhood governance. Ultimately, Cities-4-People aims to funnel the lessons learned from these different pilot contexts into a scalable and replicable framework for developing co-created sustainable mobility solutions.

Cities-4-People is conducting pilot projects in five European neighbourhoods (in Oxfordshire, England; Hamburg, Germany; Budapest, Hungary; Trikala, Greece; and Istanbul, Turkey) to co-create local mobility interventions that are driven by local citizens’ needs during each phase of the project. The process begins by finding and developing a community of local residents, public authorities, transportation experts, and other stakeholders to work with. That community then identifies local mobility issues[AP1] , develops concepts to address those issues, narrows down and refines these concepts into solutions, creates prototypes and action plans, and ultimately executes an intervention in their neighbourhood. These interventions are tested and assessed through the application of a COS methodology. Using lessons learned, this entire process is then repeated in a second iteration and documented in a scalable replication guide that may be applied to neighbourhoods elsewhere.

Several main outputs are created through this process: the mobility interventions themselves; new and/or strengthened communities; the Citizen Mobility Labs; the Citizen Mobility Kit (a digital toolkit which helps to guide and support communities in the process of co-creation); the testing and technical assessment of mobility interventions; and ultimately the replication guide. In addition, Cities-4-People is an experiment in citizen participation, aiming to better understand how citizens can collaborate with support from their local governments to co-create sustainable mobility solutions based on their own local insights, knowledge, and needs. More information is available on the Cities-4-People conceptual foundations page.

The project is currently in the midst of its first iteration of co-creation, with pilot communities now engaging in Hackdays to narrow down their field of possible solutions. The first set of interventions will begin taking place in March of 2019. Following the assessment of these interventions, Cities-4-People will enter its second iteration of this process, concluding in May, 2020.


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