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GROW Observatory

GROW helps people understand and improve soil and food growing practices to help adapt to climate change challenges.

The GROW Observatory is focused on saving our lands and adapting to the conditions of climate change, through the measurement and understanding of the factors that improve land and the conditions to grow food. Citizens generate data on a large scale and work collaboratively to respond to the challenges arising from climate change, while providing valuable information for scientific work on these issues.

Climate change is posing a threat to humans and the environment. GROW Observatory takes a land focused approach to tackling climate change related issues.

Using technologies available on the market, Open Source and DIY sensors, Grow Observatory contributes soil moisture data collected from a large geographical area to improve people’s understanding of sustainable soil and food growing practices. Using this data, the project aims to provide specialist training, encourage people to work collaboratively by share land and soil data with the scientific community and influence policy making.

Moreover, the project explores the viability of a citizen science observatory, which allows communities to directly contribute to answering important research questions by conducting simple experiments.

GROW Observatory has an online platform called FutureLearn that allows thousands of farmers to learn and take action in Europe and other parts of the world. These communities can implement new ways to improve their food production and the quality of their land. Participants coordinate simple experiments, generate data locally which is then validated by the GROW community.

Grow Observatory’s impact is wide spread: the promotion of better food cultivation practices, including permaculture and urban agriculture,  improvements in existing land data relevant to climate change through large scale citizen data collection and sensors data monitoring, better performance and calibration of satellites, contributions to scientific knowledge, and ultimately addressing issues related to climate change.


Twitter: @growobservatory

Case study date: June 2018



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