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Gathering user feedback to make websites more accessible

Inclusight helps to make websites more accessible by getting feedback from users with disabilities.

Inclusight is a UK-based organisation developing an online platform that connects professionals who need their digital products tested with people with disabilities. This means that people with disabilities are better represented in digital design processes, and that the resulting websites are more accessible to a wider range of audiences.

Inclusight was founded by Juliette Piazza, whose mother has been living with multiple sclerosis since she was 13 years old. This has led to social exclusion because she cannot use social media and other digital tools. After trying to teach her mother to use a computer, she realised that many websites are inaccessible to people with disabilities.

Inclusight is currently developing its online platform for people with disabilities to carry out user testing remotely, and will reward people who take part in user testing. 

In June 2017, Inclusight was named as one of 30 semi-finalists in the EU Social Innovation Competition, Equality Rebooted

Case study date: June 2017.


Inclusight makes the digital world accessible for all by getting feedback from people with disabilities.



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