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Policy Workshop

25th April 2016

Join us in Brussels the 29th of June at DG Connect for a Policy Workshop on Digital Social Innovation


Digital Social Innovation has been put on the map through the focus on Collective Awareness Programs. In this light we are organizing a policy workshop concerning Digital Social Innovation for Europe. We want to bring together innovators throughout Europe and leaders from CAPS projects  with European Commission Policy officials to be able to get in touch, get inspired and connect your networks. By learning from each other, the community of digital social innovation should be able to grow further and stronger.

Next to growing communities and connecting networks, this workshop will bring you some clear examples of Digital Social Innovation in Europe and teach you best practices and hands-on tips and trics for DSI.  

We would like you to save the date of:

29 June – from 10:00-17:30
Location: Brussels, headquarters of DG Connect, Beaulieu 25
Registration: Eventbrite (sold out) 

See the full program here. has been setting up an international network of digital social innovators using the internet and digital technologies to tackle social challenges. There are already more than a thousand organizations, including Fairphone, Raspberry Pi, and LandShare, on which has been a huge influence on policies from the European Commission.

DSI4EU is a support action in the H2020 Collective Awareness Platforms program. DSI4EU will support, grow and scale the current Digital Social Innovation network of projects and organisations, bringing together social entrepreneurs, hackers, communities and academics working on key DSI fields such as the makers movement, the collaborative economy, open democracy and digital rights. It will foster digital innovations for the social good, helping communities share data, collaborate to solve societal problems and scale their initiatives focusing on open and distributed technologies and new sustainable business models. Finally, it will represent the building blocks for a new participatory innovation model for Europe, a more decentralised web and an inclusive and sustainable society, including a radical approach to scaling, extending and connecting the DSI network in Europe.




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