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Making a distributed exhibition of digital social innovation projects at Maker Faire Rome 2016

31st October 2016



To those who still don't know, Maker Faires are events happening around the world celebrating makers culture, and where enthusiasts about technology and bottom-up innovation meet to present their ideas and share their projects to a big audience.

The launch of Maker Faire happened in Bay Area in 2006 and soon became an all-ages event gathering tech passionates, crafters, educators but also students, artists who want to show what they have made and what they've learnt.

Since 2013 Maker Faire European Edition is organized in Rome and this year it was hosted at the Rome Fair: it reached more than 110,000 visitors who discovered about 700 inventions presented by makers coming from 65 different countries.

We decided to host a distributed Exhibition of DSI projects: we scouted new champions of the DSI category New Ways of Making. Many makers are Digital Social Innovators who use digital tools to promote social change inventing new solution to real local issues.

During the Faire we organized a DSI Hunt workshop inviting a network of people from EU CAPPSI projects and organizers/ fablab managers / researchers active in the maker community. We invited the participants to explore with us some indicators defining the impact of DSI projects by considering dimensions like the openness, the community and the quality of the product.

Then we engaged them into becoming ambassadors of DSI and start visiting Maker Faire Rome scouting real projects representing the approach of New Ways of Making within DSI. The DSI Hunt objective was simple: explore the faire, talk with inventors, makers, passionate and award them with a DSI badge when you find a great example you want to highlight.


The highlights of the DSI distributed exhibition v.0.1 are (from the upper left corner):

Prusa Research 3D printers
Author: Josef Prusa
Location: C13 pav. 8
Country: Czech Republic
Topics: 3D Printing, Open Source

Open Source Nature
Location: B34 pav. 6
Country: France
Topics: Energy & Sustainability, Fabrication, Food & Agriculture, Internet of Things, Open Source, Science Biology

UltraBike - independent cycling for the blind
Author: Julie A Davies
Location: B22 pav. 6
Country: United Kingdom
Topics: Wellness & Healthcare

Author: Luka Mustafa & Institute IRNAS
Location: D10 pav. 8
Country: Slovenia
Topics: Open source, wireless communication

TooWheels - Opensource wheelchair
Author: Alessio Fabrizio
Location: B46 pav. 6
Country: Italy
Topics: Open Source, Wellness & Healthcare

Author: 2Hire
Location: C3 pav. 5
Country: Italy
Topics: Arduino, Energy & Sustainability, Internet of Things

Maker Economy Starter Kit
Author: Wasp
Location: D1
Country: Italy
Topics: 3D printing, low-cost sustainable architecture

The Diorama Project
Author: Sanne Cools
Location: D21 pav. 9
Country: Belgium
Topics: Education, open source, kids and education, Young Makers

Other maker projects of the exhibition:
– Meg – Micro Experimental Growing
– +Abiliteam
– BlindHelperBraille
– BOB Baby on Board
– CloudGarden
– Crusc8
– Doc Coop Servizi
– Eslov IOT Kit
– Gjnius
– Open Care
– Gruppo5
– Dallo pneumatico al filamento 3D
– SoundSight
– Vichi Robot
– Enabling Equality

 The distributed exhibition was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the DSI ambassadors:
– Massimo Menichinelli, IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona
– Sabina Barcucci, MUSE FabLab
– Mirco Piccin, FabLab Castelfranco Veneto
– Fiorenza Lipparini, Plusvalue
– Francesca Mereu, FabLab Cagliari
– Gijs Boerwinkel, Waag Society
– Agnese Addone, CoderDojoRoma
– Carmen Bruno, IDEActivity Center, Politecnico di Milano
– Marita Canina, IDEActivity Center, Politecnico di Milano
– Abi Oreibi, Lift
– Federico Ferretti, Joint Research Centre
– Antonella Passani, T6Ecosystems
– Anna Sienicka, TechSoup
– Christian Villum, Danish Design Centre
– Dario Marmo, LAMA development and Cooperation Agency
– Arnoud de Jong, TNO
– Devoldere Bart, TNO
– Frank Kresin Waag Society
– Peter Baeck, Nesta
– Matteo Loglio, Primo Toys
– Giovanni Profeta, SUPSI






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