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Amsterdam Social Tech Tours

29th January 2019

We're excited to announce that over the coming weeks we'll be holding four Social Tech Tours, in collaboration with Amsterdam Smart City, taking people to the frontline of digital social innovation to learn from leaders in the field. 

The Social Tech Tour is a series of site visits to innovative, tech-enabled social enterprises. The main objective is ‘peer learning’: letting innovators and practitioners learn from each other. During each edition, hosts and participants will co-create a roadmap on one particular real-life challenge.

We'd love you to join us at all of them, but this isn't mandatory. You can sign up to the first three now - the details of the fourth will be confirmed shortly. 

#1: OneFarm, 7th February (19:00-21:30)

We need to take a radical step towards more sustainable approaches in food systems . Can vertical farming pose such a pathway in the transition to sustainable urban food systems? And if so, what ownership structure is needed in order to ensure an open and inclusive access to innovative forms of food production for society at large?

We'll be visiting OneFarm, a vertical farm in the North of Amsterdam. The guiding question for this event is, how can different concepts of ownership (e.g. shared ownership through crowdfunding and knowledge sharing) contribute to creating sustainable food systems and healthy communities around them?

#2: vanPlestik, 28th February (19:00-21:30)

How can we find new, innovative tools to increase plastic waste recycling? And how can we make this an attractive business case?

We'll be visiting vanPlestik, a start-up that produces lamps, chairs and other stuff with a 3D printer fed with recycled plastic. The guiding question for this event is, what is the best communication strategy that incentivizes other businesses to adopt vanPlestik's innovative concept?

#3: 02025, 14th March (08:30-10:20)

How far can digital tools take us in the fight against climate change? What are the possibilities and limitations for people to unite and set the tone for a nation-wide discourse on climate action?

We'll be visiting 02025, a movement by citizens in Amsterdam with the goal to reach zero CO2 emissions by 2025. The guiding question for this event is, how can citizens take a leading role in the energy transition?

#4: Fairfood, date and time tbc

We'll be announcing details of the final Social Tech Tour very soon. Keep an eye out and see you there!



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