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Workshop: Shaping the Future of Digital Social Innovation in Europe

5th September 2016

At this workshop the Digital Social Innovation community in Europe came together to discuss best practices and see how to grow and scale the impact of this field in Europe.

During a fully packed program, with eighteen speakers, multiple expert panels and break out sessions, a wide audience of more then 120 people joined the workshop in Brussels. Next to interesting presentation, some of the speakers hosted a break out session as well. With topics ranging from tactical technology to EU-policy there were interesting topics to dive into for everyone.

The purpose of the workshop was to increase stakeholders’ engagement in order to support the growth and spread of DSI and to give it traction on multiple levels within the EU, from citizens and peer/practitioners to decision makers and academia. To this end key people from all stakeholder groups were engaged both by inviting some of them on stage and inviting others to attend and join the discussions after each panel, during the intervals and the break‐out session. Within a very short time the event was fully booked, which is testimony to the relevance of the DSI and the sense of ownership within the community.

See this video summarizing the workshop.




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